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LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension

West Bank Luxor, on the edge of the Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Our purpose at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension is to offer inspirational programs aimed at spiritual aspirants wishing to reach their highest potential on their path to Ascension and  Mastery.
New Students and Past Students

We welcome all new students to LUXOR Light Ascension and we welcome back advanced students who wish to further their understanding of the ascension and gain greater mastery of the LUXOR Light energy healing and ascension system.

This twelve day intensive will take you on a journey into the deepest forms of meditation healing layer upon layer enabling smoother transitions through the initiation process on the rainbow bridge of ascension.

Our system of meditation proves perfect for beginners but is just as beneficial and powerful to experienced healing practitioners and teachers. 

  • You will work through 22 levels of initiation activations allowing for clearing and accessing the energy of your Mighty I Am Presence and become the receiver and healing facilitator of LUXOR Light so you are able to immerse yourself instantly in the energy of Source whenever you are requiring healing and working to expanding your energy bodies.  
  • You will learn about the birth of LUXOR Light and it's origins and connection to Ancient Egypt and the Ascended Master Serapis who resides in the Ascension Temple of Luxor.
  • You will learn the basics in numerology and how to become the Numbers Intuitive and touch on the infinite power of colour frequencies and the importance of use of colour as a therapy for yourself and others. 
  • You will learn the techniques of amplified energy/chi healing through the LUXOR Light system.
  • You will receive the techniques that allow you to be immersed in the energy of your Mighty I Am Presence so you awaken the visionary, the alchemist, levitation, bi-location all for higher purpose and so on.
  • You will be immersed in Sacred Sound and the Language of Light awakening you to the Alchemist within you.
  • You will visit the Ancient Temples of Egypt and walk the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens acknowledging the life of the physical world and passing over to the Ascension.
  • You will receive Sound Keys and Codes of Awakening through Archangel Metatron and Lord Enoch via the channel of Ametron.
  • You will learn how to purify your bodies with the Mantras of Light
  • You will have past life visions and connect with your ancient Egyptian past bringing healing, awakenings and greater connection to the You that is Your Mighty I Am Presence.

This is a very powerful process, one that you will remember forever.

Normally this program would cost over $1600.  For now we offer all of this and more for only $999AUD  
Past students contact ChristinA for reduced fee structure)
Join our Ascension 12 Day Intensive at Nubian House on the edge of the Valley of the Kings - January 23 - February 2, 2014

Since the birth of the Frequency of LUXOR Light in 2004 we have been offering the 22 Level Initiation program, but this is the first time that we have offered so much of LUXOR Light in one place at one time.

Read some testimonials to see what others have said.....

Include our Sacred Sound Keys on the Nile for a reduced price of $888 (normally $1555) when you register for the 12 day Ascension Intensive

Visit the Sacred Temples along the Nile sailing from Luxor to Aswan on this luxury Dahabeih. You will meditate in every temple, receive light codes, learn how to alchemise water for the healing of the planet and receive a Divine process of healing that puts you in touch with your I Am Presence and much more.. see more 

Stay for a full month to learn more fromChristinA Ametron and be immersed in the energies longer to assist in the integration.

Volunteer some time to the LUXOR Light Sustainable Living Project or our Healing Clinic and utilise your new found skills in healing.

You will only need to pay for your meals and accommodation which will be offered a a much reduced rate.

Fees do not include accommodation or meals except on-board the Dahabieh where the fee is all inclusive.  Accommodation and meals will be catered for at Nubian House for the workshop programs at reduced rates.

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