Sunday, 25 August 2013

Helping the Families at the Valley of the Kings

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Baby of the Revolution

Please help us to raise funds to assist with food parcels for approximately 100 poor families in the village of Qurna near the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt.  This area relies heavily on tourist trade with most families being employed by the alabaster factories that sell to the tourists.  
Tourist trade has been little since the 2011 Revolution and now with the recent renewal of Egypt going back to the streets and ousting President Morsy on July 3, 2013, there is an even greater need for support for the poorest of families.  Egyptians earn very little so in these troubled times those who were already struggling to feed there families are now finding they are without even the money to purchase flour to make thier bread.  Many of these families do not earn a salary and there is no government financial relief fund.
LUXOR Light has a volunteer healing clinic in this area where healing is offered to the local Egyptians by the students of the LUXOR Light Ascension programs.  The healing clinic is purely energetically funded where students are asked to give of themselves and no money is exchanged in either direction.  We have now decided to extend our project to help at the level of providing food parcels to those who are so desperately in need.  This takes our project to the next level and we hope that we can provide help to at least some of these families in Qurna, West Bank Luxor.
Please follow us to see how we go as I will be updating as we progress.  We have already raised over $700 offline and our target for this project is $1000 by Friday.  You can make a difference from as little as $1 donation.
Let's make that difference
In Love We Unite

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