Monday, 12 August 2013

Final Day Lions Gate - the Gate Closes


And so the Gate closes and what a wonderful portal it has been! Such light pushing us all to the next level. And today is so very much about receiving those Infinite wonders of our Universe. Stepping into the Infinite Realms of the God Source more empowered and more in our Truth. The solar plexus is shining like a beacon and the power of Truth is broadcast from it's glorious rays of Light touching Soul, touching Souls. Union with our brothers and sisters of humanity, union with our brothers and sisters of the Universe as we ride on the vehicles of Joy, Bliss and Wonderment!
Immersed in Unity Consciousness we ride either in absoluteness or possibly still a little uncomfortable but the changes do not stop here and the Light never ceases to come. We have a rest period this is all, a rest period and we will be given many more opportunities through many more portals or higher consciousness. Today receive the bounty that is being bestowed upon you. Allow it to seep through your Being and penetrate deep into your knowingness and then tomorrow begin to rest and allow the integration of this most powerful and magical process we have just undergone!

Add your names and allow the completion of this most powerful healing period to be integrated. Share with your Brothers and Sisters far and wide and I say to you "Welcome" and thank you for following along during this most amazing Lions Gate Portal of Light Consciousness"

You can receive healing simply by reviewing and reading any of the reports of the Lions Gate on this site and simply read then lie down and close your eyes and allow the process to unfold. The Light codes are held behind the words

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