Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 9 Lion's Gate

Unity consciousness is on everyone's mind; how to get there personally, how to create a world of balance and harmony where everyone works in service for and with each other. How do we release the authoritarian element of our world so that we all operate from a healthy sense of power, using our power in ways that is right and just, light and trust where there is a wonderful balance of giving and receiving where we know that we can always depend on a world of harmonious relationships where everyone acts responsibly and the elements return to an organised perfection. Today is that day where we could all stop and re-evaluate what is important in our lives, what is priority and what is irrelevant. Today is that day that the universe says, I give you the power, now use it wisely and you shall have all the Infinite bounty of love and wisdom that the Universe has to offer, but are you ready? This is a time to pull together as a family, a universal family all co-creating for the same desire - Unity!


  1. I am sure that i used to get updates on your blog post but don't seem to now . Anyway thank you for this one . For years i have been getting a feeling that i would like to help create this kind of life for all man on Earth .A place where we can all live in harmony and in unison with each other . It also leads me to try and look and see what it is that makes man so intent on trying to put their will and control on to one and another . Why ! Much love to you Christina <3

  2. Thanks Jason and "In Love We Unite". We just have to do it! Thanks for being here.


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