Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 7 Lion's Gate - Share the Love

Love is all you need! Feel the love around today, be conscious of noticing love in all you see. See it in your friends, see it in your partners, see it in nature and most of all see it within you. Today is all about family and when you notice love everywhere you realise that everyone is your family but first of all notice the love within your immediate family, your extended family and then take that heart felt understanding outward to your community and so on. Keep trying until you can see an understand that love is within the beholder and is not what someone else does for you. Love is beyond description, love simply is.
Now when you can see love in everything and everyone find a clear and quiet space and make it a sacred space, light a candle and sit with eyes closed and feel the love and draw it up through your body and into your mind......yes I asked you to "feel" with your mind..........can you do it
Blessed be and Happy Birthday Horses!

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  1. Great post Christina! the pic is gorgeous and the energy is full of love!


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