Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 14 Lions Gate - The Gate is Open!

Photo el Toud, Egypt.  Energies 31/4 (22)
8.8.2013=31/4 (22)
Ok yesterday's energies were such a blissful, joyful, fun filled day but hey nothing in this world stays the same, well that is except the constant of change! So today we are back to work, enough of expanded senses of joy and glorying in the wonders of ourselves! (oh dear what comes next) What comes next is work! Look at those double 8's! Today is the day of the Lion! today is "The Lions Gate" and you can pass through joyously to the other side because you stayed in the energies and stayed focused on the intention. Today is the day you get moving on working all the abundant possibilities that poured through because you decided to let your hair down and opened your soul to the joyful play that the Universe asked of us yesterday. Today we set the foundations to reap but hey, not without some hard work first. Today the energy says knuckle down there is serious business afoot! Hiding behind the overall energy of today is a mighty "dare". Yes a dare! Do you dare take that opportunity that you were given yesterday and take it to the next level?? Think back to yesterday and yes there was something. Something that might seem small, but if you grab it with both hands and run with it you will achieve great things or at least greater things! Most of all, have fun, stay in the joy and use it to initiate Greatness! The Gate is open and Sirius awaits!

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