Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 11 Lion's Gate - Be In Sinc with the Forces of Nature today

Today the energy is supporting us in how we choose to initiate our own personal freedom of choice. How we live in accordance with our own Will determines the results that we see in front of us at any given moment. Recognising that we are in charge of the way that our lives are unfolding, and that we are creating the way this is being unfolding although there are always the occasional challenge or reward that may change the direction slightly, but when you are truly in sinc with the energy of this vibration you will recognise even more clearly how it is our own state of mind which fulfills our destiny. 

Harmony and contentment is offered to you today and if you can stay in a positive state of mind, all that you are thinking will create the new beginnings that are being offered to you.

Walking in harmony with our true path comes when we remember to always stay aligned and in-tune with ourselves and with the forces of our Universe. Dreams come true under the influences of today and anything is possible when you stay centred and aligned within your Self.

Take time and centre yourself today and watch as the natural order of things takes on a more harmonious presentation in your life and watch the new opportunities simply fall in your lap.

Spend time in nature; go for a walk, take a dip in the ocean, spend time in the trees or just go outside and meditate on the earth; She is co-creating with you today.

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