Friday, 16 August 2013

Calling all Angels

Some years ago I was given direction to bring through a meditation that would contain the codes of peace that are Keys of Ascension and come through from Lord Enoch. I knew they were to awaken that within the individual that was listening to it but I did not know how many times I would be sharing this meditation to go around the world on so many occasions to be used by the meditator in order to activate these codes for other people and other countries and even the earth herself. It's paramount that we all step up another notch for Egypt right now so I offer you once again this most powerful meditation to activate the Codes of Peace within your Being and while doing so use the intention that you are working as a surrogate for Egypt. 

Please do this many times.... 

In Love We Unite... 

Please follow the link and let me know if you have a problem uploading the meditation.

and Please accept your invitation to join our ongoing daily Peace vigil for Egypt through our  Facebook LUXOR Light page.

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