Monday, 22 July 2013

Lions Gate July 26 - August 12

Distant Healing Sessions available to assist you with entering the Lion's Gate between July 26 - August 12

If you would like to know more about the Lion's Gate that we pass through each year I have added a link from a site that gives a great description of the purpose of this most significant of Awakening phases.

If you would like a healing session please view the following options

You will note that I have a new website in addition The energy of Ametron entered my life in April 2010 as an extension or if you like a rebirth of LUXOR Light. I have been working with this energy since then but have only recently fully anchored the full process. It is LUXOR Light but more, the energy is on another level as my awakenings move into greater levels. When I have time I will be writing about the process but it is very indepth and I have little time to commit to that at present. Meanwhile I am working to integrate the purposes of LUXOR Light and Ametron Truth because they are in fact one and the same but the incorporation of the gifts of awakening through Akasha are expressed in full through Ametron Truth. You have not missed out on this energy, but I have simply not been using the name as I am only just beginning to be given the greater purpose of it this ascended process.

Please let me know if you would like a session during the dates of the Lion's Gate so I can lock it in for you. There is a dual purpose to having healing, not just now but whenever you choose to receive healing with me you are also choosing to share your healing with humanity and the planet. We work collectively and you become in service to humanity as you enable your light to trigger the healing for yourself and therefore also for others.

The dates below show the energies coming forth. The highlighted ones are power days so if you wish for one of these days please be quick to select and contact me. All dates are significant and you may find that choosing the un-highlighted dates may in fact turn out more powerful for you personally, so glance at the dates and let the energy of the days speak to you.

26.7.2013=48/3 (opening of the Gate)
27.7.2013=49/13 (transformation, alchemy, all or nothing, completion cycle)
6.8.2013=29/11 (mirror work, great personal spiritual healing)
9.8.2013=32/5 (powering the New World energies)
10.8.2013=33 (soul missions)
12.8.2013=35/8 (closing of the Gate)

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