Monday, 29 July 2013

Lion's Gate Day One - Four

Day Four Lion's Gate bringing a fast shift of energy that you may notice affecting your thoughts and that all you think about seems to present itself almost instantly. All that you have been wanting that has been surrounded by the energy of love is now coming into manifestation. Allow yourself to flow with this energy today and notice your quick decisions and fast and clear thinking patterns. 

Be alert to your intuition today and notice how your psychic abilities seem to be more clear. This is a very "in tune" day be alert to messages and signs that are coming to you in your everyday environment. Sometimes you'll get explanations from the most unexpected source!

The colours to keep you in the flow today are blue, red and indigo.

Today is also the Portal for the Star of David - Merkaba - Grand Sextile in our skys and you can read more about that on this link. Be sure to be open and receptive to the energies today. And list your name to add intention!

Day three of the Lion's Gate 50/5. Bringing forth the changes guided and powered totally by spirit. These changes are those that activate the Divine Truth in all Beings. This is activating the balanced masculine and feminine within all your chakras allowing you to step forth into the new fifth world where we will surely anchor heaven on earth, as above so below. This is the energy of the brave compassionate soul who takes that step and crosses the bridge between worlds and embraces the Truth of the Divine while still anchored here on Earth. Plant your feet on the earth and breathe the Light of Source in through your chakras and allow it to pass through your central column and breathe it out deep into the core of the earth. Become the clear channel for the Light and know that every breath you take penetrates deep within Mother Earth and you are then meeting your mission, you are walking your purpose and you will arrive.

Day two of the Lion's Gate, this energy supports the need to move on because you have completed a phase of your life and it is time to prepare for a new one. Let it go do not hold on because it no longer serves. You may feel feel a little sadness because you have outgrown this particular phase of your life, think about the joy of the new that beckons you! This is a very alchemical and transformative energy that very powerfully awakens one to greater initiatic levels. Keep the heart open, embrace the glory of your connection to the God force. You can use this energy to make magic happen! 
This vibration is very cleansing and purifying and can even represent eternal love as a master vibration of the heart and as the 13th letter of the alphabet is M it brings for the energy of Mother Mary coming to liberate us with the feminine principle and spiritually transform us we embrace the Awakening. May she shine her Light on all of us and on Egypt today

Today is the first day of the Lion's Gate Awakening period and numerologically speaking it is a 48/3 vibration and we enter a two week period of the search for greater spiritual fulfillment. All that once interested you has now lost it's charm and you are seeking greater meaning in your life. You have grown so much spiritually and emotionally and you find it so much easier to leave the past behind you. Because of these great changes you will now begin a process of allowing all that you desire to flow freely into your life. Your search for answers allows you to release more of the victim energy that you may have been holding on to throughout your life. This is a great accomplishment because the gift of welcoming the energy of the victim into your life was the absolute perfect scenario for you to be active in experience through the training grounds of the "Empowered". It is not to be sneezed at the process of the victim because when the lessons are learned and the understanding has arrived and the initiation complete you arrive at the destination of the "Empowered". One cannot become empowered without truly understanding the place of the victim. Moving through the victim and into empowerment brings Liberation, freedom and another step forward on your path to mastery. That which is our greatest weakness is also our greatest strength and our greatest gift that we can offer humanity. Utilise today to seek within for any areas that may still cause problems or blocks in your life and allow them to be set free and release any painful situations and see them as behind you. This is a vibration of "empowerment" as we walk through the door of a greater relationship with ourselves and our environment. Affirmation for the day "I Am at One with the Universal Energies and I Am filled with the power of Light". Let the healing begin.................
... and I dedicate today's Light filled Empowerment energy to Egypt and to peaceful demonstrations today.

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