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Once Upon a Nile

Every LUXOR Light Sacred Journey in Egypt offers something unique and something different that you will not find in any other tour.  Every time the experiences are nothing less than magical and every time as if by pure magic a program comes together designed with a little conscious thinking and a lot of intuitive guidance and even more pure spiritual destiny.  It matters not if there is one person or 20 people, the tour goes ahead and unfolds specifically for those who are taking part. My tours are unique, very different and totally spiritually oriented.  There is no building of Egos, no stories of who was who in a past life, in fact the work is so powerful the Ego is stripped away to reveal the truth of who you are, not who you were.  Awakening to Divine Truth and welcoming the Keys and Codes that will bring you into alignment with your greater Self is always the focus and theme of each and every program.  Our programs are for bringing forth the next step on your path of Mastery and for reconnecting with kindred spirits that you have undoubtedly known before.  The aim is not for big groups, in fact intimate groups are preferred so that each and every person has the opportunity to benefit from the very powerful work that is being offered.  Costs are kept to a minimum because the aim is not for great profit of financial rewards but for profit of Spiritual gain for all participating in the program and for all involved in running the program.  We serve to benefit the local Egyptians and therefore large hotels are avoided keeping business for the Egyptian family run businesses keeping money in the local communities. 

With 14 journeys into Egypt taking groups for tours and ascension programs, I am well equipped with the knowledge and experience of travelling Egypt.  Let me share one such journey March 2010 on board the Dahabieh on the Nile.  It was a maiden voyage for the then brand new Nile Heaven II and we had the pleasure of taking the boat for its first journey to Aswan.......

There are not words to describe the magnificence of this trip on the Nile. The tranquil moments are bliss as I sit on my day bed on my private balcony in the early morning. I wonder “what are the rich and famous doing now if I am enjoying such spoils?” I watch as the fishermen pull their nets for their morning catch and listen to their chattering and laughing. A simple life filled with joy. It is so obvious to see that in our busy lives while we may have comforts of modern life, we are missing the beauty and bliss of the simple lives enjoyed by these local Egyptians. But on board the Dahabieh we have combined the two. If only for 6 days we can enjoy the superb food of our Master Chef Samir outdoing himself each day with food so lovingly prepared you can taste the sweetness and purity of life.
We began our trip in Esna, after leaving from Luxor by car. We visited the Temple of Khnum to meditate on protection and centring the energy field before we begin our journey up the Nile visiting Temples of Ancient times past. The temple in Esna is quiet and it is often that you can have this temple to yourself without the crowds of the buses. It is the perfect place for quiet contemplation.
From Esna Temple we board the board the Dahabieh for lunch and then set to the beautiful and ancient city of Nekheb, now called El Kab which is situated across the Nile from the city of Nekhen (Herakonpolis), and was the site of temples to Thoth and Nebket. The city has been dated back to predynastic times.
We can hardly believe that we are here on this magnificent boat in such tranquillity being served on by such a polite and honouring crew.
It’s just Ashraf, myself and Rebecca and the crew. It’s hard to believe that we have this all to ourselves. The Dahabieh sleeps 20 and all cabins are air-conditioned and have their own private bathrooms. What luxury! Last year we thought we had it made on the small Dahabieh, but this year we are feeling a little gobsmacked by it all. Rebecca has her own suite with private balcony as do Ashraf and I. Big floor to ceiling windows to lay in bed and look out over the Nile, or lay on the daybed on the private balcony and enjoy the closeness to the water’s edge listening to the birds and admiring the scenery. The water buffalo, lazing on the river bank, the many birds, of which I can only pick out the ibis, but I’m sure birdwatchers would be in heaven here.
Rebecca and I seem to be able to talk for hours and while she has paid me for this trip, she gave me a reflexology treatment that went on for more than an hour! Wow, I’m in heaven!
There had been a mix up with Rebecca’s bags at the airport in the UK and they didn’t arrive with her in Egypt, so Rebecca had already entered into an initiatic test of trust that she would receive her bags. We couldn’t wait around for them as we had the Nile trip scheduled and it had to go ahead at scheduled time.
Our first morning on the boat I gave Rebecca a healing to get her kick started for the journey. We set up a healing table with a daybed and 3 daybed mattresses on top – the Princess and the pea style. She received some Keys of Ascension and when the healing was complete I noticed a barge moored just behind us with the numbers 2884. Rebecca has a thing about the numbers 8 and 4 and says they are always attracted to each other and are usually in relation to karmic contracts. I thought it significant that these numbers be here as a sign for her to see she is completing some sort of karmic contract here. I then added the numbers up and ... you guessed it, they equal 22!!! What more significant message could one have when they come to do some LUXOR Light work than to be gifted with a message from the Master number at the first healing.
We had to go back to the airport which was a three hour round trip to pick up Rebecca’s bags only to find they had still not arrived and we had been given the wrong message. We drove to Edfu where we were to visit the Temple of Horus and then pick up the boat again.
We were so lucky. Last year I remember us arriving at the temple of Horus and it being such hurry and not being able to see the entire temple, there were also lots of tourists. This time we were late in the afternoon, but the temple was still open and there were no tourists as we entered the temple. In fact we had the whole time in the temple to ourselves. I didn’t remember the temple being so big or remember it having so many rooms. There are many things about this trip that is proving to have such newness around it for me. Rebecca and I wandered casually around the temple receiving the codes from different rooms. We meditated in a room which had hieroglyphics only covering all the walls. It appeared to be like a library or at least it was a room with a very big story to tell. We decided this was the room to meditate. I remember having a few visions, of which I now find it hard to remember what they were except for one. I saw a girl falling off a Dahabieh. It puzzled me, but I didn’t take much notice because it was an ancient Egyptian Dahabieh and a girl dressed in ancient Egyptian attire so I just passed it off with little consideration, although I did mention it to Rebecca as I felt it was to do with her. We completed our stroll around the temple, took some photos as we went and played with a friendly little kitten that wanted to talk to us all the time we were there and then wandered out of the grounds at dark. It was quite amazing because as we left the grounds the tourists began to enter. We had the temple to ourselves for the entire time just as we did in Esna.
We had talked about the baggage problem and discussed that fact that there really must be some reason for it to happen. One suggestion we came up with was that of Rebecca no longer needing to carry her baggage. We took a calash to a little coffee house to wait for our boat. Rebecca bought a pair of Egyptian style pants and top so she had a change of clothes and I had a cup of tea and then Hamdi arrived with another calash to take us to the motor boat which would then take us up the Nile to where the Dahabieh was waiting.
Samir our chef had been to the market and was also waiting to be taken back to the Dahabieh. It was a fun ride on the motor/tug as we sat on the front of the boat and managed to get quite a splashing as the water crashed over the boat every time a Cruise boat passed by. We had a good laugh and marvelled at the amazing trip we are having as we tried not to fall onto the groceries and crack the eggs before arriving back on our boat.
The Dahabieh was moored at the island which we couldn’t really see because it was dark, but we could make out the white sandy beach and commented to each other that we were looking forward to morning so we could go for a walk on the island.
Dinner was beyond description as usual and we spent the evening talking and then went out onto Rebecca’s balcony and did the formal meditation that relates to the temple Edfu before moving back up to the deck for a cup of tea and to enjoy the evening. We have been so lucky, as the weather has been fantastic. Of course it has been hot during the day, but not unbearable, and nowhere near as hot as last year. The evenings have been rather pleasant and have meant that we have enjoyed our evenings on the deck just talking and allowing Rebecca to get the stories of LUXOR Light so she has a good foundation in the understanding of where it comes from etc.
Saturday arrives, another special day. Riana is facilitating her first ever LUXOR Light Foundation Programme – congratulations Riana you have made it! We have breakfast and then take a walk with Ashraf and one of the crew onto the beach and through the farming area nestled here on the bank of the Nile. So beautiful, we are awestruck with the natural beauty and the simplicity of the life here. It is so peaceful. We walk through the banana plantation, chat to the cows, talk to the children who are picking peanuts and so we stop to eat some fresh peanuts and some guava straight off the what are you doing when we are doing this???? We pick some fresh Hibiscus on the way back to make some fresh hibiscus tea, better known as Karkadi. I begin to wonder if I have another life, I certainly wish this was my life full time right now, but blessed are we for this time we have.
We have only just had breakfast not long ago and Samir has prepared a magnificent lunch to keep us sustained as we need to drive all the way back to Luxor again to pick up Rebecca’s baggage. At last we have received word that they have arrived.
Our driver – Orf can’t find his way in, as this is a private farming area, not an area that tourists come into. The farmers welcome us to sit under their shady trees while we wait for our car to find us, and Rebecca and I realise that given tourists do not come here, the baggage going missing must have been a carefully constructed plan to get us to put our feet on this soil where we both feel so at home and feel we have been here before.
By now we have totally accepted the reason of missing baggage to be one of significance as the places we are directed are not visited by tourists. We are getting to enjoy absolute Egypt in its purest. This is just the sort of trip I like. It is also obvious there could not have been anyone else on this trip as I am sure they would have been annoyed at the fact that we had to keep going back to the airport and leaving the boat. Rebecca could not go alone, and Ashraf cannot take her alone so he needed me because he can only travel with his wife. We discussed the fact that we could plainly see that something bigger was going on here. I think we talked all the way back to the airport.
It was not a simple procedure to get the baggage back, and I think we were at the airport for about an hour and a half before Rebecca was granted her luggage. We went into Luxor to the money exchange and atm and then headed back to the boat that was going to be waiting for us at Silsila.
Wow, this was a wonderful experience. I had known this trip had something special about it, but I had no idea how special. The time with Cathy and Jason and the practitioner course was so very special and I really did not see how anything could top that or even come close, but now just a few days into this trip with Rebecca and I can tell you that each day just gets better. Orf drove us through the small villages ducking and weaving through the back streets of the villages. Again, we were following a path that tourists do not get to go. It was getting dark and tourists are not allowed to travel at night, but we are in the back blocks where tourists do not go, and so there are no checkpoints. Orf doesn’t know the way and so we have to stop often to ask direction from the locals.
Before we left for the boat trip, I’d had a secret desire to follow the path on land that Jesus and the Essenes travelled to Aswan when he visited Egypt for his initiations. I knew that the temples we visit on the Dahabieh trip were also visited by Jesus and some of the Essenes when they took certain initiations, but really I wanted to follow the path by road as I knew that was how they would have travelled a lot of the time. I didn’t want to miss anything. Well guess what, now we have it, following in the back blocks through the old villages following the edge of the Nile. I have had my wish come true, and I know that Rebecca and I have travelled this way together before. Hassan from the boat keeps ringing to see where we are as they are worried. Eventually we pick up a villager and he takes us to the back of Silsila by road.
I was so excited as we arrived at the back of Silsila and realised that we would get to walk to the boat and get to visit the Temple of Horemheb tonight as well as tomorrow. The Temple guards greeted us and invited us back for tea after our dinner. We could hardly believe our luck as we touched the rocks of the temple and then boarded the Dahabieh for our meal. The crew were shouting “welcome back” , “welcome back”, to which Rebecca commented that they had not said that the day before, and thought that it was significant that they should say it tonight when both of us had an intuitive feeling that this place was going to be extra special for us..........and that it was..........
We ate our meal that Samir had lovingly prepared once again and took photos of the Turkish chicken dish he had prepared that had a foil bird holding the chicken that was smoking as it was served!!!!!! Just the three of us and not a single thing has been left out. We feel like royalty every moment on this trip, the crew are simply the best and we could not want for anything.... except maybe a magic formula to remove the weight I have gained in these three weeks of dining like a King!
It’s late but the temple guards are working 24 hours, they do not sleep as they much keep watch over the temples and the tombs. They work 24 hours from 7pm to 7am so we decided to take them up on their offer and visit for a cup of tea. Two guards wandered the quarry and two came back to the museum area and made us tea with fresh mint and we took photos and chatted in with the limited Arabic we have. (We did have Ashraf with us to help out though).
On the way back to the boat we went up to the Temple and as I approached the doorway I was knocked over by the intensity of the energy and the codes trying to come through. It surprised Rebecca because she has not seen me in activation yet. I almost fell over so I held back and decided that it might be a better idea if we meditated on the ledge outside the temple (the temple was closed anyway). Ashraf took photos as we meditated and Rebecca received an initiation and received some more Keys. We didn’t really want to go back to the boat as we were both loving the energy of this spot, so Ashraf and Rebecca snapped away into the night sky capturing orbs before we boarded the boat again. We are docked just a hop skip and a jump from the temple anyway so we sat on deck chatting as we gazed upon the temple of Horemheb.
Horemheb was the commander of the army under Akhenaton and was claimant to the throne when Ay became Pharoah. Silsila was a very famous quarrying area throughout all of ancient Egypt due to the quality of the building stone quarried here. The site is a rich archaeological area having temples cut directly on the hills. Examples include the rock temple of Horemheb on the west bank. There are statues inside that include Amun, Amun Ra, Ptah, Ramesses 2, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep 2nd and Ramesses 3.
Sleep came easily as every night has for me. I dreamt a lot but can’t remember what of. I awoke at 5:00am and moved to my balcony to complete healings. I wanted to get an early start today because I was sure the day had something special to offer.
After breakfast we went over to the temple for our official visit. Rebecca commented that she could now feel the energy permeating from the temple and said she must have “caught” something. There were a few too many temple guards wanting to help, but we allowed them to tell us the story as best they could, and then they turned the lights of in the main room so we could meditate. Ashraf took photos and we meditated on receiving the Keys to Success through Compassion, Love, Oneness and Unity Consciousness. Again I had some visions, but the only two that stand out are one of a large doorway or opening with a huge peachy/apricot glow and Rebecca standing leaning against a wall. The other was when the meditation was complete and I saw a pair of large hands clapping.
We left the temple after paying our baksheesh to the temple guards and walked up into the quarry. This was at this point my highlight, because while I love the Temple of Horemheb, I have been there last year, but we have not walked through the quarry before. This is new to us. We are being given extra special treats this trip and allowed to go to places that others don’t. We walked through the quarry and I realised that 22 is the Master Builder and LUXOR Light is a Master Frequency that’s sacred mathematical sum comes to 22 and my life lesson is also 22. The Master builders came here for their stone; this is a master quarry for building the ancient temples. It’s by no mistake that we have had this opportunity this time. The boat sailed ahead and met us further up the Nile past the quarry and the temple of Seti I.
On board for a shower to cool off and lunch again, yes more food, and more chumpy bits that you will see unfortunately in the photos. We don’t sail very far before we pull up on a beach and spend some time swimming in the Nile. It was so hot, and the Nile was so cool and refreshing. If you remember I had a vision in Edfu of a girl falling off an ancient Dahabieh, she fell from the front of the boat. I dived in from the balcony at the back of the Dahabieh and Rebecca decided to go to the front of the boat to jump in. We were swimming and the current was strong so it was easier to drift that to go against the current. Rebecca was unaware of the strength of the current and I turned around when I heard a little cry in a soft voice that said help me. I thought she was joking and then she went under for the second time. I managed to grab her and lift her up out of the water by the underarm while the crew dived in and came to her rescue. They threw down the life buoy and she settled into it explaining her confusion as she found she had tried to dive down to the bottom as she like to swim underwater only to find the current too strong, the water too deep and her lungs too weak. She panicked but luckily we were all just there with her. It didn’t stop her from swimming in the Nile, she just kept the buoy around her and we stayed in the water for about an hour and half. We laughed, had fun and remembered my vision of the girl falling from the Dahabieh. Rebecca said as a child she had a fear of water, and is still a little unsure even though she swims regularly. A past life incidence and now she has healing. The crew were great, they stayed with us making sure she was ok and later Ashraf suggested that there always be someone standing by with a buoy just in case. They agreed thanking us for the lesson in how to be a lifeguard.
The water was so cold and refreshing neither of us wanted to get out. Rebecca asked me if I could baptise her in the Nile
We have sailed on and moored at a really pretty spot on a beach with palm trees and fruit trees, it will be another magic morning tomorrow............

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