Thursday, 13 June 2013

Following the Breath from Horizon to Horizon

The New Dawn rising over the Nile, Luxor

Every day we move through a process of waking up when the sun peeks over the horizon and the dawn of a new day beckons us to embrace the light, rise, move, be productive, create and hopefully learn something and work toward bringing our dreams into our future reality.  We are to some degree conscious of our daily movements before we close our eyes as the sun goes down over the opposite horizon and we drift into sleep into a state where we are are somewhat unconscious.  In this state of unconsciousness we also dream, but this time we dream with a purpose to heal our past experiences so that when we awake the next day we can begin anew, a little lighter and hopefully a little more conscious and aware of our movements as we work through the cycle of awake, asleep, awake, asleep.  When we are awake, we dream, when we are asleep, we dream even though our dreams come from different realities both dreams are a part of creating our next reality.

In life we are born, awakening to a new life and leaving the previous life behind as if it was a state of sleep where we cannot remember what we did, who we were or what we learned.  But in this lifetime we are more or less awake, or so we think and during our life we move through a set of lessons and experiences that hopefully bring us to a greater level of awareness and we become more conscious and more awake to who we are, why we are here and how we can continue to awaken to greater levels before we go to sleep again in readiness to wake up again to a new dawn, new life, and a new set of experiences that hopefully we use to the best of our ability so that we can continue to awaken and continue to see the new horizons as one continual flow of breath.

There is no beginning, there is no end, there just is one continual flow of awakening; we do not arrive at any one destination to set up permanent residence because to do so would be to stop the flow of creation, the flow of birthing a new reality.  Each day we have the opportunity to birth again with our willingness to embrace that reality with the eyes of a new born seeing life for the first time reaching, touching, tasting, experiencing and exploring as we look within and see  through and beyond the darkness to the rising of the sun dawning always after the cycle of the setting sun .  

Are you following the flow of your breath from horizon to horizon or are you keeping yourself in a state of sleep?  I am awake today, and tomorrow I wish to be more awake, more aware, more alive.  Each time I sleep, I intend to heal to a greater level, to dream all the dreams that no longer serve me so that in my waking moments the only dream is the dream of serving the greater reality of seeing all humanity dream the same dream, the dream of Oneness.  Will you join me in my dream............... 

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