Friday, 17 May 2013

Into Egypt Once is Never Enough

Mohamed - just another link in the puzzle
My first visit into Egypt was in 2006 when an amazing set of experiences landed me on Egyptian soil, my book will contain so much of the magical experiences that happened on that trip but just a few short months later I found myself once again just being plonked into that land so to speak. An incredible journey took me from Australia to Alexandria to Damascus in Syria, to Qumran in Israel, to Sinai, Luxor, Tel el Armana and then on my first day in Cairo ready to fly home the next day I met a man in the street that dragged me into his Egyptian Oil shop sprouting after he learned that I was Australian, that he knew Molly Meldrum and that he frequented his shop. Unimpressed with the tactics of dragging one into spend money I followed more out of amusement than anything. A lot unfolded from that particular incident and Mohamed became a long time friend and his brother Amro Karam eventually became a friend and helper of anyone who knows me and goes into Egypt. Anyway, the experiences on those two days in Cairo left me really puzzled as to whether this man Mohamed had come with a message. The story is too long to bring in here but it will be in my book, however, as I was about to board the plane to fly home to Australia someone caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked, then looked again. Should I speak or would that be the wrong thing to do. No I spoke to this man wearing a peak cap and a very recognisable face or was I mistaken. "Are you Molly Meldrum or do you just look like him?" A very silly question really, who would say such a thing lol... anyway he said "yes one and the same". I was gob smacked and so I told him about my encounter with Mohamed and his family and their oil shop. He laughed and said yes he knew them and yes they used that line on the many. He sat just two seats in front of me on the plane and I thought to myself "this has to be a sign that Mohamed is a significant part in the story of why LUXOR Light enters into Egypt"... and so the story continues and yes, while Mohamed now lives in Finland, I am still very good friends with his family and now have the help of his very funny and likeable brother Amro. 

Now to the point of this story... there is an ongoing saga about my book and when it will be written lol............... yesterday I had an email from my editor, no push, just an email. Then this morning, my dear friend and fellow LUXOR Lighter Kelly Parslow sent me an email with the following link. I thought to myself... is this a nudge that it is now time to continue with writing?.... everything in my life and I mean everything has to be done according to Divine timing and I won't push before it is due... so let's see if the inspiration flows... Thanks Molly!!!

Molly has been 34 times I have only made it to 14 so far!

Check out the link below to meet Molly another link to the puzzle....

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