Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spaghetti Legs

The last three weeks have been horrendous for me. I was beginning to wonder what on earth was wrong with me. Now that I've experiencing a space of relief, I'm finding it hard to even remember what it felt like. I have been really busy and drained with some pretty big commitments but it felt like someone had turned on a tap that was continually pouring energy in and yet it also felt like that energy was also pouring out at a rate of knots. So fast in fact that it felt like if I didn't receive more and more and more, I would have none. Such a contradictory. My legs have been wobbling as if they just would not hold me up - spaghetti legs is the best way to describe it, and energies bouncing around me with continual reminder that I am not alone, the touch, the tingles, the visions, the dreams. I was becoming so depleted I would cry at nothing, no particular reason only that I didn't have what it took to give what was needed for others, I needed some time for me. I seriously thought I was done in, nothing left how on earth was I going to be any good to my ailing parents who need me right now, my children who are experiencing life's challenges, my clients, my students, my healing page etc. It was really taking everything I had to try to be available in some teeny weeny way. And then, yesterday, I woke up and WOW!! I felt normal, I touched my body, blinked my eyes, did a double check, stood up, walked around... will it lasted all day! I felt tired early so off to bed, and now here we are day 2 feeling normal.... I'm so excited I can try to start catching up on things. I scanned my email inbox and found the following sent out by Thomas Putman written by Aluna Joy. I don't feel worried any more!!! Just feel I need to remember to give a little to me a little more often, take some time for me, to receive the rest I need and I want to remind you all to do the same. Give yourself time to recoup, rest, don't beat yourself up and all those who are thinking you are being lazy or whatever, tell them they just need to wait, you will be back.........

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