Thursday, 18 April 2013

Do Nothing

Some months ago after returning from my trip to Egypt... it must have been early February, I had a reading with my ever trusty clairvoyant Melita Harvey Van Doesum only to be given the news that I needed to do "nothing", when I wanted to do everything! I tried and it was mighty hard but I gave it my best shot. She told me it would be a few months of doing nothing before things could turn around. Doing nothing seemed to put me in the perfect space for receiving these new energies that have been pouring in to us. From doing nothing I moved into the space of absolutely "not able to do anything" as you have read in an earlier post today! I cried out again last week to Melita to find out what was going on, was I going to be a washed up old has-been?? Again she gave me the good advice... often in riddles just so I am in control ;) and while here I am thinking I'm the only one in the Universe suffering these weird and wonderful experiences and there must be something wrong with me, the confirmation came that we are all doing it, that's why I shared the post from Aluna Joy

I often forget to take note of ascension symptoms because they have been a part of my life for most of my life. "you could sleep on a barb wire fence" my mother would say... "you've must have been bitten by the teetsie fly" my ex-husband would say. "you're always tired", my kids would say, and so on. From an early age I was always like this and yet I was an aerobics instructor for 9 years teaching 9 classes a week. I was embarrassed to admit my weariness looking at others and admiring their never ending energy. I used to push myself and push myself always wishing my fitness levels could be felt by me instead of appearing to be the opposite. Then in the 80's it began to intensify especially around 1988 when my eldest son was born and then as I embarked upon my spiritual path the weariness intensified again and continued to do so. By the early 2000's I had leaned that each time these waves of fatigue came upon me I was aware that I was going through a spiritual shift. I was teaching by this time; teaching colour therapy and learning through experience about the ascension process. Shift after shift they came, fast and furious and I began to understand that this dense physicality could simply not keep up with the higher frequencies of the spiritual body and so the only thing was to learn how to give my physical rest until it could handle the influx of greater light being bestowed upon it. Rapid and miraculous healings had taken place for me personally in the early 90's and my spiritual progress was appearing to be on a roller coaster of one speed... faster than the speed of light!! 

And then of course my shifts became full body activations, regular "Light" headaches that would last for at least 24 hours. It simply was a part of me, something I seemed to always know and I became a little ignorant to noticing the shifts coming in because I had "worn" them like a garment for so long, trying not to complain in case someone thought I was not capable of getting on with the job!

Well here we are again and even with the pre-warning from my trusty Melita, I still missed the point!! Hey but I've got it now... and guess what if I want to rest I'm going to and you should too..... ♥

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