Sunday, 3 March 2013

LUXOR Light 9th Birthday

The LUXOR Light Symbol
On this day 9 years ago a very powerful process began birthing through me. I could not have known what was unfolding. It was my 44th birthday and I had just started back teaching colour therapy after a 3 month break. I had been moving through a process of dark night of the soul for some 6 months holding myself in the Light through the dedicated commitment to working with the frequencies of Light and Colour in my own colour school, then known as Clearly Colour Conscious. I had been told some 6 months previous that I had incarnated to bring a new frequency through to the planet but I had no idea what that meant absolutely no idea at all. I thought it sounded a little fanciful and out there. But this day I began teaching and in the afternoon after the group had left I began to move into a very deep state of sleep. My body was numb, I had no feeling as the energy was intensely drawing me in. I my eyes were closing and I was unable to function on the human plane. I went to bed and allowed myself to be swallowed up into what felt like a black hole of nothingness where anything can be created. In the morning I woke, barely, almost like drunkenness, non-composmentis and it would have been impossible to drive my 5 years old son to school because my legs would not hold me up. I called upon my neighbour who already called me "the spooky lady from next door" to take my son to school, and she did. After he left I went back to bed and was once again swallowed up by the all pervading energy that had taken full ownership of my body. 

My eldest son came into my room to use the computer and as he entered the room my body began to convulse/fit. He looked at me and said "if that is one of your weird spiritual things can you do it in the loungeroom, I want to use the computer". I dragged myself from the bed jelly legged to the sofa and lay down. My body began again the moment I relaxed on the couch. Full body; legs, arms flailing, head violently moving from side to side, body rising up off the couch so very little was actually touching the surface. Then it would stop and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I was certain I was ok although I had no idea what it was that was happening, so I revoked the Light of Christ Within Me as I do to make sure I am pure and in the Light of Christ, and again my body would begin the process again. I surrended to the Light and all day this process continued. I did not leave the couch and when my neighbour delivered my son home from school, he came in looked at me and said "Mum you are not going to die are you?". I said "no love I am not going to die". "Good" he said "so do you want to know what your aura is?" lol bless him, "yes, what colour is my aura?"... "It's green and purple" and off he went to play.............. 

this is just the beginning, the very first day of this story and it did not stop at this moment but it was the beginning of an incredible story of how the purification process of kundalini and energy of the Bodhi began to anchor within me for the purpose of sharing that energy with humanity... the frequency that became known as LUXOR Light.... an incredible story unfolded over the next 12 months and it has not stopped..............the journey continues....

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