Friday, 29 March 2013

God Friday

We have big 29 energy today. On the face of things it seems it is a big day for spiritual healing as 29/11 energy always asks of us to be in that creative healing space with the Divine. Such a wise space to be if you give yourself the opportunity to go there and look at your reflection. But the whole date becomes an 11 again 29+3+2+0+13=47/11 so here on a grander scale we are asked to make sacrifices at the level of the heart in order to attain that greater level of healing. How apt that today on Good Friday we should have this energy presented to us. There are sacrifices that we all need to make in order to make those leaps of Faith that ultimately bring us greater levels of awakening. We can awaken every day to a greater level of awareness if we should only allow ourselves the space to do it and be so brave enough to do it. So with the hidden 11/11 gateway that is presented to us today, I ask you to ask you, are your ready to step through that gateway? Are you "willing" to step through that gateway? 

Many of us are resting after such a long and arduous journey of service and/or healing to get to this place between what was and what is to be and this is such an important phase. There are such amazing happenings to bring us to the space of rest and all are Divine and all are so very creative and all are such great blessings to behold no matter how camouflaged by the human trials we tread along our paths. 

Have a Blessed God Friday ♥

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