Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Alchemy of Consciousness

What is Alchemy?

In dictionary terms, alchemy means to transform something common into something precious.  This being the case many have only ever really attributed the alchemist to be someone rather like a magician who magically changes an object like a common metal into a precious metal like gold.  And, in our deep past anyone who worked to create potions was considered to be a witch.  We are a long way from those times and now and as our consciousness has evolved our greater understanding has brought us into the "light" and we can now see that Alchemy is key to raising consciousness.

Remember the bible story about Jesus turning water into wine?  Jesus was an alchemist!  And Joseph was referred to as a "Master of the Craft" - a Master of Alchemy with the ability to change consciousness and he taught Jesus to do the same.

The Ancient Egyptians were also very much into magic, astrology and alchemy and placed great focus on achieving immortality and eternal life.  The ancients knew very well how to transform consciousness into that of a Higher order and through the cellular memory of ChristinA's own ancient roots and the development of her own consciousness into that of a Higher Order, she has awakened to her spiritual gifts that include: 
  • holding the Sound Keys of Enoch that assist in awakening
  • the Sacred Adamic Language of Light that was spoken at the time of Adam
  • the Sacred Sounds of Light that assist one to greater depths of healing to and beyond the level of the DNA
These gifts of Awakening came to her following her Awakening into her Soul Mission of bringing the frequency of LUXOR Light, which is a frequency that accelerates ascension and is here to assist to lift Humanity into Christ Consciousness.

Through utilising her gifts of Alchemy, ChristinA now transfers those Keys and Codes for the purpose of amplified healing and awakening through the medium of water.  

Follow this Blog to read about our featured Alchemy Waters each week.

Because of the homeopathic properties of Alchemy, when you purchase a bottle of Alchemy Waters it may never run out, it depends on you.  When your bottle is a third full, simply top the bottle up with pure filtered water and the Alchemical properties will keep the Keys and Codes in the water.  You can refill your bottle in this way at least 3 times before you need to purchase a refill.  

Featured Alchemy Water for this week is... 

Peace Codes
The Peace Codes are the most popular bottle to date, with so many different purposes covered by its use
Use Peace Codes to 
  • Assist to heal the conflict within
  • Bring a sense of calm. 
  • Good for insomnia and induces peaceful sleep
  • Whenever you feel stressed
  • Relieve headaches
  • Ease red and painful conditions like skin rashes etc. 
  • Great on nervous animals.

7 Drops per Day

$14 (AUD) plus postage

To order Email:

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