Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Waves of Ascension

Saint Paul of Thebes
Early this morning I had a dream and I saw a boat filled with people on top of a hill. The boat rose up into the sky and one by one each of the people in the boat ascended individually into the Heavens. I realised during the dream that I ...
have seen this so many times in different circumstances. I watched with my youngest son as I spoke with another young girl who was about to take her place in readiness for her journey into ascension also. She had been drinking and I was concerned for her, imagining her rising up and then falling from the Heavens. She said she was happy to try and her friends were all about to go up later that day. I understand the dream and know that we must continue to inspire others toward the ascension without judgement and allow all to learn in their own way. On waking I had a clear vision of an Ascended Master/Saint. I don't know who he was but I imagine he was there as a messenger.

I also remembered on waking that I have had this dream in different versions all my life since a small girl and I feel blessed to be a part of this most amazing time. I also believe the messages are for us all and should be shared. Please take time to meditate daily because the clearing is still needed on many levels and especially the Emotional Body. The Ascension is not one wave but many on many levels and for those who desire it you will continue to accelerate your Ascension through your conscious efforts.

I once wrote daily energy status' reporting the energy through the numbers, but I have changed that to daily meditations. Simple messages that carry the energy of the day; I have simply changed the way I give the energy report. I felt it was more appropriate to guide you into meditation rather than simply give the meaning behind the energy. These simple meditations will allow you to absorb the energies available to us all each day. In this way we can harness the Light that is in constant change and allow that light/energy to lovingly embrace us through the changes. It is important to meditate daily because in so doing you will begin to integrate your Higher abilities that come with full integration of the Ascension and one by one you will find that you are opening to those gifts that you always knew you had but did not know how to open to. You are ready now and all it takes is to be the clear channel and the gifts will be yours as your Soul understands on a deeper level when you are ready. It is a natural progression to become more and more Awake on more and more levels. I encourage you to meditate and to be fully consciouse/aware of all that you do.

Please share if you feel it appropriate and I encourage all those who wish to receive them personally via email to subscribe with the words "Daily Inspirations" and I will add their names to my list. Email: luxorlight@yahoo.com.au

~ ChristinA ~

To those of you who have written to me, I will reply to each of you individually and I thank you for taking the time to stay in touch with me. I love you All. Please enjoy today's meditation............................I Am You .... please go to the next post for Today's meditation ♥

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