Sunday, 11 November 2012

Into the Dawn

First Dawn 29 October, 2011 - Luxor

I have known for some time now that Egypt is calling and have had several incidents of Divine intervention giving me the signs. For quite a while I have struggled with when I should go thinking the Divine Time should be for 21 December but there has always been a cloud around that for me and I did not understand why. Thursday 8 November was a Soul vibration day for me and I generally find great insight on these days and this was one of these insightful days. It was also global 33 day which as we all know means Soul Mission. Mum was in Royal Perth hospital having scans and I have been waiting patiently to find out the results and had decided that I would make my decision as to Egypt after Wednesday when the scan results came in. I have felt for some time that January was to be the time for me to return to Egypt and in fact since mid-year I have had this thought continually popping into my head. At first I felt irritated by it because I knew I still had healing to do around my experiences with Egypt and Egyptians over the last 7 years, however, I also knew this was my own personal healing journey that needed to be complete before I could even contemplate entering into Egypt again. I began to wonder if I would ever feel ok about returning to Egypt at all.
It was early October that the messages started to come to me in regards to returning to Egypt and so I decided to take some further action into healing my issues. The healing was almost instant the moment I made the decisions as to how I was going to go about this and within a week I felt a huge shift within myself and as each day went by I felt less and less attachment to any of the “story” and began to feel a pull to returning to Egypt in January. I had requests from 2 Americans for me to be in Egypt in January and I shelved it not getting caught up into “I will or I won’t” but I simply noted it as another calling along with all the others and there have been many too long to mention here, but this one actually gave me a month that coincided with the month that I was being nudged to return.
On the evening of Thursday 8 December, after a busy day and collecting Mum from the hospital, I decided for some reason to just check the prices of flights to Egypt in January. I had done it previously with December in mind but hadn’t chosen any specific dates. As it happened I did not have my laptop so the site I normally use was not saved on my favourites and I couldn’t remember the name of the site which that in itself was odd but the name just would not come to me. So, I decided to Google for flights. I found a site called and there I saw a 48 hour sale with Qatar and a flight would only cost me $1554 which was $700 to $1000 less than the price I had seen before. I walked around in circles because I had less than 24 hours to make a decision and Mum’s results would not come in for nearly a week. I decided to go for it and booked a flight to Egypt for January not knowing what the real reason for going would be. I had been intuiting that I would need to go in January to anchor the new energies that I had received from the Temple of Truth in May. I knew even though I argued with myself, that 2012 was not for Egypt and 2012 was to be a healing process for humanity to clear any residual dross so as not to take it into the New World. I knew that although the recorded date of 21 December to be the day that I would be expected to do something special somewhere special I was not going to do what people would expect of me. Even though I argued with myself many times, I knew within my Being that I was to stay put because there was something “Bigger” going on and I needed to listen to my guidance and simply Be. I received clarity on my Soul Day. I received the guidance that the greatest thing I can offer humanity on these special dates of 12.12.12 and 21.12.2012 would be to record the new codes that come through on the day and then over the next 20 years when the shift is in action (not one day) these Keys and Codes and Sounds will be recorded for all when they are ready to receive. This is what I can offer humanity and this feels so comforting and so me. At this point I realised the date and “knew” it was my Soul Day and therefore as always I would receive clarity as to what I am to do in the months ahead. I let that be and thought I had received all I needed to receive until I found these cheap flights!
I made the decision and I purchased my tickets and a great sense of Peace came over me. I would be returning to Egypt and I had no issues or attachments to any dramas associated with the last 7 years events, I had completely healed my heart and it was time to return. Next year I will be working my Soul Vibration year so I expect it to be a big year. 2004 was also a Soul vibration year for me and LUXOR Light was birthed through me on that year! This year I have accomplished so much that I set out to do. I intended to be fully conscious of what I wanted to take into the New World with me. I did not want heart ache, I did not want debt, I did not want contracts; I wanted freedom and completion. I wanted to be in charge of my own Freedom because I know how powerful it is to be an active player in the Ascension and to have the return of full consciousness means more than simply being Awake. We can always be awake but unconscious to our actions. I chose to actively be fully conscious of what I was taking into the New World and I have achieved almost all of that except for completing my book. But that is ok, I am debt free, I am without contracts and I have established myself firmly into the world with my Soul Purpose.
2009/10, I was a part of the Egyptian Revolution and a part of the liberation process unfolding for them. Through my own pain and heartache I tried to be conscious of my process and my part in being in Egypt at that time and for that 4 months that triggered an immense cleansing process for me (and Egypt) that continued throughout 2011. I felt the Global Shift on 28 October 2011 (while in Luxor) on the date that the Ancient Mayan recorded as the last day of the Old World and since then I have felt an increasing awareness and greater conscious process unfolding. I believe 2012 has been a transitional year for clearing residual pain for those who are already Awakened so that they can move into the New World completely unburdened and ready to take on the purpose they were born for. Within LUXOR Light we have been consciously working toward this and the rewards are beginning to show and if you have not seen the signs yet they are coming so be patient and continue releasing. Be fully conscious of all your choices in everything you do. Be fully conscious of any states of emotional imbalance because to enter the New World one must have mastered the emotional body and be prepared to work diligently toward mastering the mind and mental bodies.
I see fully the alignments that have been made for me so that I can continue to live out the life that I am destined to carry out and I feel blessed to be so unburdened and free of entanglements and I watch as I see it unfolding for so many of you. As an onlooker looking in and having been through the process myself I see the rewards that are about to present themselves to you and for some it is a simple shift of awareness to understand the perfectness of your realities and a simple change of perception as to what is perfect in your path and what is an old perception still playing on your disc that says this is how it should be. Let go and surrender because many of us will not live normal lives under normal circumstances in normal relationships but until you truly understand that and have acceptance will you understand the freedom that is already in your lives.
LUXOR Light was born for these times and while I see my return to Egypt as being a personal journey of returning to the land that has been significant to me for many lifetimes and no less this one to carry as I always have codes and keys that will enable shifts of consciousness over the next 20 years, I understand there is no separation between me and LUXOR Light and what is my Soul Mission is also that of LUXOR Light. I am to return to Egypt therefor LUXOR Light is to return to Egypt to initiate the changes into Egypt and I leave on January 1 ........................... to be continued
In Love We Unite

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