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A Sacred Journey of Truth

Three stones with Egyptian Encoded Fankinsence connected to Temple of  Truth

The Sacred Journey of Healing and Divine Truth into Cyprus, Crete and Israel was a journey taken by all those who registered their names to travel with me in spirit to receive Divine healing from the places we travelled and to conclude with all names being placed in the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. Although it was Linda and I who took the physical journey, in Divine Truth, we all took this journey and hopefully you have all noticed healing because of it.
Divine Truth
The Master associated with this journey in particular was Ascended Master Hilarion. As it turns out there were parts to this journey that divinely came to us to enable us to complete the mission appropriately and to give us greater understanding of what we were undertaking.
St Paul was also significant and this is because St Paul was an incarnation of the Ascended Master Hilarion. What I did not know was why I was directed to Cyprus to begin the journey. But as the process unfolded it became very clear. I was simply acting of Divine Guidance and following my Truth. Cyprus, as it turns out was the very first mission that St Paul embarked upon after the crucifixion of Jesus. While we may not be into religion it is important to understand the connection that brings us to the path of Ascension because we are whether we realise it or not walking the same path as Jesus did 2000 years ago.
When LUXOR Light first came through we were working more or less purely with Lord Serapis Bey and the Fourth Ray, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. His residence was the Ascension Temple located over the physical temple of Luxor. But, now there are transitions being made as humanity focuses on embracing the Fifth Ray, the Ray of Healing, Divine Truth and the Immaculate Concept (holding pure thought on behalf of another) and we are working with Lord Hilarion whose residence is the Temple of Truth held in the etheric over Crete. This journey was to do with acknowledging this new classroom of learning as we work towards embracing the Fifth Dimension for humanity.
LUXOR Light, being a frequency gifted to us to accelerate the ascension is held by those who will become leaders of ascension assisting others to awaken to the same. It is different as we know than other frequencies with specific traits that are uniquely that of LUXOR Light. The power of this frequency shifts baggage at a very fast pace sometimes catapulting participants into chaotic processes of healing which is a must if one wishes to say goodbye permanently to the third dimensional world. The third dimension is a place of chaos and any aspects of self that are still residing in the third dimension will need to be shifted. Any attachments to materiality, survival or 3d concepts such as judgement, gossip, fear, argumentative etc. need to be released. The fourth dimension is the realm of emotions where all our watery aspects need to be mastered and we have to learn to master our emotions and become compassionate but not emotional before we can truly enter the ascension process in the fifth dimension. We are multi-dimensional but many aspects still need healing. When you have fully embraced the lessons and mastered them from the third and fourth dimensions (Harmony through Conflict) you will gracefully enter into the classroom of the fifth dimension. For those who are LUXOR Light participants and understand the higher frequencies that LUXOR Light is able to access into the infinite realms it is important to understand that until all these lower realms are completely healed One is only able to access the higher realms temporarily for further learning and healing. This is why we see the yo-yoing of levels and is also why you should not worry about that because it is human nature we are learning through and only ego will get caught up in if you have dropped levels or not. If they have dropped embrace the classroom you are in because it is temporary and you will need to visit another soon enough and it may be higher or lower depending on what layer of the onion you are working on.
So, now we are focusing on the Fifth Ray qualities and the teachers that are assisting us to learn through them, so let’s look at who St Paul is and why his path has appeared to us.
St Paul is a controversial figure from the time of Jesus. He was a Jew who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. However on the road to Damascus one day he was blinded by the light of Jesus after the resurrection and Jesus spoke to him asking him why he didn’t believe. St Paul’s sight was restored after 3 days receiving healing and from that day forward he became the person who has been attributed more so probably than anyone else for spreading the Christian message of Jesus to the world outside Palestine and for this he is greatly loved and honoured by many. However, some say he spread misleading information and distorted the message completely and so they see him as having been the beginning to the corruption of the original message of pure love and turning it into the organisation called the church.
If he distorted the original message, how come he is the teacher of Divine Truth now known as Ascended Master Hilarion might be what conjures up in your mind, but on second take I’m sure we all come to the conclusion that when we step away from judgement of others we are then truly able to walk the path of Divine Truth and see the Divine Truth behind the stories that are passed on to us of others who have walked this path before us and how they came to conquer their humanness and arrive at ascension.
When we are working with Ascension it is paramount that we understand the path of the Masters that are teaching and guiding us. While we can read many books on Ascended Masters, I wonder how many actually allow oneself to learn what the Masters are teaching us by embracing our own experiences and learning the wisdom rather than simply having the knowledge. It is important to truly understand “Self” in this process. We can learn a great deal by looking at others but in so doing we must look at the mirror and embrace it because here lays the true teaching. I hope this workshop will allow you to clear your internal clutter so you can move forward unburdened by the unhealed aspects of Self. Ascended Master Hilarion wants us to understand Truth, Divine Truth your own personal Truth. St Paul walked the path and left his story for us to learn from.
My trip to Cyprus left a feeling of “did I get it right?” as happens many times when I follow blindly one might say; guided only by my intuition but not having any substantial evidence of what I was doing was actual Truth. I’m not big on researching before I go, mostly because then I would never really have the full experience. I get the general gist of what it is about and leave the rest up to discovery. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
My first mission was to attend St Hilarion Castle. I only had two main interests for Cyprus, at least 2 that had found me. I stumbled across them and felt drawn to go. I didn’t go wandering beyond this adventure for a couple of reasons. One was that I wasn’t aware of anything else and blocked anything else because it was not appropriate at this time and that was all I knew. I assumed St Hilarion Castle was to do with the Ascended Master Hilarion – why wouldn’t I with the name St Hilarion. Again, not being a biblical scholar of any kind I was being guided by my own truth and my own intuition – would I listen? The only information given at the site of the castle was that it was named after a saint they thought had lived there. The experience was awesome, captivating and one of my favourite things about it was the fact that it was a castle built into a mountain and I had to climb upward to reach the top and see all of it. See all of it I did and I also saw the magnificent views over Cyprus as I climbed. I love to climb because to me it represents the devotion toward my ascension and the intentions I set that I will meet all challenges along the way and allow nothing to stand in my way of ascension. Climbing represents to me the willingness to strive ever upwards and I am drawn more and more to do more and more climbing. I believe I receive huge boost of healing and further my path of ascension by doing so.
On coming home I found that St Hilarion was not St Paul as I had thought. Oops did I make a blunder? St Paul had followed a different path into Cyprus, one that had obviously been blocked from me for some reason. So, if I was on the path of finding the Divine Truth and was following what I thought was footsteps of St Paul and I know St Paul is an incarnation of Ascended Master Hilarion, who is this St Hilarion character?
Ascended Master Hilarion had 3 main incarnations that are relevant to the work we are doing. The first was that of St Paul (Saul of Tarsus) where we discover that he persecuted Christians even consenting to the stoning of Stephen, one of Jesus Disciples. However he became the mightiest of apostles after his fiery conversion with the resurrected Jesus on that day on the road to Damascus and spent the rest of his life following his heart and preaching his Truth. Three years after his conversion and a busy life spreading the word throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, he was taken up into Jesus Retreat in the Arabian Desert but he did not ascend in that lifetime due to his role as the persecutor earlier in his life.
His next incarnation was an embodiment as Saint Hilarion. He was born to pagan parents in 290 A.D residing in the same geographical region in which he had lived as Paul in his previous lifetime. As a young boy, Hilarion was sent to Alexandria to study, and during this time, he heard the gospel and was converted to Christianity.
He desired only to be a hermit praying and fasting to God, so he gave his fortune away to the poor and went to live in the desert near Gaza. After 20 years in prayer in the desert he performed his first miracle where God, through him, cured a woman of barrenness and his healing ministry began. After this Hilarion people came to him in droves seeking to receive his miraculous healing and ability to do exorcisms on demons. In 329 A.D., with a growing number of disciples increasing around him, he fled to Egypt to escape the constant flow of people seeking to be healed from all manner of diseases. He ended up back in Alexandria again and to the Libyan Desert and then to Sicily.
His miracles did not only include healings. Once when a seacoast town in which he was staying was threatened with a violent storm, he drew three signs of the cross into the sand at his feet then stood with hands raised toward the oncoming waves and held the sea at bay.
Hilarion spent his last years in a lonely cave on Cyprus (near St Hilarion Castle) and he was canonized by the Catholic Church and is today known as the founder of the, having originated in Palestine. To this day, those known as anchorites devote themselves to lives of seclusion and prayer. Hilarion ascended at the close of that embodiment. Now it all made sense as to why this particular pathway.
As the embodiment of St Paul he dedicated himself to correcting his wrongs and in so doing prepared himself for his next embodiment that was completely of Truth. In his life as St Hilarion, he was the healer. But notice how he actually did visit Cyprus in the previous incarnation. We tend to tread on the same ground as we have had incarnations in previous lifetimes and I believe that when we tread on this ground again, we pick up codes or memories that were left there before. These codes or memories resonate deep within our cellular memory and trigger growth within us so that we may move beyond our present incarnation and into a greater level of Truth on our paths. If we are new age missionaries spreading the light instead of the word, we pick up these light codes and bring them back or travel around with them spreading the light wherever we go.
As a code carrier, what I did on 9.5.2012=28/10 was climb to the top of St Hilarion Castle and send out the Sound Codes that I was carrying and probably the new ones I had collected from the lifetime of Truth St Hilarion had left behind. I worked to send the new sound codes out firstly to all those who were registered on my list (some 184 names) with intention for them to receive whatever was needed for their own personal healing and then out into the world focusing on the Mediterranean and the Middle East because these are my areas of focus. Sound has no barriers, even if not heard, sound moves through dimensions, through lifetimes and through realities and the practice of holding that pure thought on behalf of others was putting into practice the art of hold the immaculate concept. That is what we do when we send prayer and healing from a distance. This is a Fifth Ray Quality that is being taught to us by Ascended Master Hilarion. Now I think we can see why and how Master Hilarion gained some of his expertise that is now assisting humanity into the Fifth Dimension.
With the pathway set and ready for the Temple of Truth in Crete I was now able to continue on my journey. I had an interest in visiting a small village in Kormakatis where the villagers still speak Aramaic, the same language spoken by Jesus. I wasn’t really sure how this fit with the mission at hand but felt very drawn to doing it. My feeling now is that it was simply about the energy behind the word/language. I thought it had something to do with my own Ancient Languages that I speak which speak the Truth as they speak directly to the Soul, but I think it is simpler than that now. I believe it was about acknowledging the word (Truth) spoken by Jesus because it was not necessary for me to hear the language and that was perfectly orchestrated with the priest not be physical present in the village that day. After I meditated outside the church I noticed at my feet a white feather belonging to a dove. The white Dove is the symbol of Jesus or of the Holy Spirit and feathers are always messages from the angels reminding us that the Divine is present in our lives and showing us that we are on the right path and to continue with the faith in that direction. It was a global 29/11 day that day acknowledging that inspiration is being directed to us by the Divine/Spirit.
Arrival into Crete on 11.5.2012=30/3
We see again the 11 showing us that we are being guided by Spirit and the 30/3 represents the Holy Spirit. The 3 vibration is also that of my Soul and I have noticed that on these days I tend to do something extra special. Extra special today was entering into Crete the very land beneath the Temple of Truth. My path is in service to you so I remind you here that what I share with you is for your healing as well as mine. Together we are one and what I do you do too and the healing I have myself achieved I know is also shared by you and that is my intention to share the Light codes that have come to me in order to share them with you. I am always very aware of your presence travelling alongside me, but this journey more so than others I was ever aware of the presence of those who follow along with my journeys. This gave me more incentive and more determination to make the most of every moment so I did not waste “your” time.
So, on the 11th May, on arrival into Crete I received a welcome on my facebook page from a lady who lives in Crete. It simply read, "Welcome to Crete Christina!” I had never met Carmel previously and wondered who she was. I obviously had accepted her as a friend on facebook, but I accept lots of people I don't know hoping to share some LUXOR Light healing energy by doing so. What a lovely gesture and it did not stop there. Carmel invited me to meet with her at her restaurant built on the old Venetian wall of the port of Chania and right below lies the ancient ruins of Minoan Kydonia! She had suggested it was a perfect location for a get-together. I was still buzzing with having just arrived and thought it would be a good idea. She also suggested visiting the World's oldest Olive tree which was only 20 minute drive from where I was staying. I wasn't sure how I would get there but left it open.
12.5.2012=31/4 (13/4)
This was a day of rest for me and a day to set the foundations (31/4). It’s about being practical and setting to work. I spent the morning writing the first blog to set the foundations and to begin building the path ahead. The 13/4 is about magic, about transformation and alchemy and sometimes about initiation.
I busied myself writing the first blog about the trip and then I started to weary. I decided to take a walk on the beach and then had a late lunch on a taverna on the beach. On returning to my hotel I was tired, still thinking of going in to Chania to have a look at the Venetian Harbour and meet Carmel. I decided to have a nap and didn't wake until 5:30 the next morning. I sent an apology to Carmel for missing the opportunity to meet her. It was Mother’s Day and Carmel had sent me another message on Facebook inviting me to spend Mother’s Day with her and her family visiting the World's Oldest Olive Tree which was just across from her Mother-in-laws house in a small village 20 minutes from me. What a wonderfully generous person! Yes, of course I would love to.
This was to be a magic day. The 32/5 frequency is the exact frequency that takes us into the Fifth Dimension.
The whole day felt like I was in and out of other dimensions especially when visiting the World’s Oldest Olive Tree that Carmel has a very close connection to. The Tree is reportedly some 3000 or so years old and most certainly holds a beautiful feminine energy of Love. Carmel felt it is connected also to Thoth and I have no doubt her feeling is quite true with a feeling of being in the centre of creation as you sit within the centre of the tree its roots curled around the base of the tree as if it is grounding a powerful portal of love and peace anchoring rainbow rays of light that are present in the photos that Carmel takes more so than anyone else. I believe it is her connection to this tree that calls forth the devas and Light Beings that are over-joyed to show their presence through such a love filled earth angel as Carmel.
Carmel and I chatted constantly like old friends that have never been away from each other. Interestingly Carmel has lived in Crete for 22 years and of course with the sacred mathematical equation of the LUXOR Light symbol and the 22 LUXOR Light initiations and all the other LUXOR Light 22 connections too many to mention here, I saw the immediate piece to the puzzle that always tells me to watch listen and learn. There is something magical going on!
A magical day it was with Carmel and her family. Carmel drove me to the airport to collect Linda and then showed us the Venetian Port of Chania before driving us home to our hotel. Carmel asked me where we would be traveling and pulled out a map so I could show her. I had forgotten the actual name of the second temple of Asclepius but knew it started with L and knew the general location on the map. She circled a place and said she thought it was probably here that I was talking about but didn’t think there was much there and circled another place that she thought might hold interest to us that was relatively close by. She offered us the map to take with us and so I accepted.
14.5.2012= 33 (555)
The second 555 day this month; the first we worked in Bali setting the wheels in motion to embrace the changes. Today was to be extra special because today was not only a 555 day but it was also 33 day which lends itself to Christ Consciousness, to awakening to Soul Purpose and Divine Mission! Linda and I set off by taxi early morning through the mountains to a small village 2 hours away where we would spend the night and make our way to the Ancient City of Lissos one of the locations I felt was connected to the Temple of Truth. We took a small boat to arrive at a little cove where the location the Healing Temple of Asclepius was somewhere in ruins of this ancient city. Again I am sure the day was perfectly orchestrated so that we would not find the actual temple until the last minute of the day. We wandered all day discovering all sorts of wonderful sites. We came across some very old churches that are obviously still being used by someone, we walked two labyrinths, drank from the ancient healing springs, meditated inside a stone circle overlooking the bay and under a beautiful old Olive Tree and in many high energy spots. We swam in the crystal clear bay of Lissos and finally we found the Ancient Temple of Asclepius (the Greek God of Healing). At each spot I focused on the healing requests of our list of 184 people and initiated the powerful process of the 555 frequencies from the centre of the Healing Temple of Asclepius. And then, we climbed! We climbed the mountain so we could enter the gorge and find our way back to the little village of Sougia. We took our time, soaking up the beauty of it and stopping to meditate at the top in the wind acknowledging the presence of all four elements and including the fifth element of sound and the Akasha that is being awakened through the Fifth Ray qualities. The intention was to send it out to all of you. We had walked for some 7 hours that day, so with sore feet we showered and then enjoyed a delightful meal on the beach in a typical Cretan restaurant and fell into a deep sleep ready for an early start on the bus back to Chania and then all day on buses to arrive into the little village of Matala.
We fell in love with Matala and its sunset and from the minute we arrived. Our first sunset meditation on the beach and a rise early morning to meet the sunrise for more meditation to initiate our day of seeking to find the second Temple of Asclepius that I thought was the main physical site of the Temple of Truth. I had tried to find the actual physical site on the internet but there was no such hint. I felt drawn to both the Healing Temples of Asclepius but in particular thought this was the more important location.
After breakfast we waited for our taxi after considering hiring a car and then thinking better of it! The taxi arrived and we told him where we wanted to go and he said he had no idea where that was so I showed him on the map. He looked puzzled and asked me where I got the map from because this location was not on the recent maps and insisted the map was 40 years old. It didn’t look 40 years old but obviously it was out of date. We decided out of date was our luck and now we knew why the beautiful Carmel had been put on our path. If we didn’t have this map we would not be able to reach this location where I believed was the very physical location directly under the etheric Temple of Truth. He said “I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t know of that place but I will take you to this point and drop you off and then you can walk east until you find it. Ring me when you finish and I will send another taxi to collect you”. So, he dropped us off at a cliff face near a tiny village and told us to walk in the general direction that was shown on the map. We asked at a little cafĂ© if they knew this place and showed them on the map. The son asked his elderly father, the father said it was about 2 kilometres from where we were. We walked a couple of kilometres and noticed some tombs in the hillside. I thought that this must be close and we continued to walk scanning the land when all of a sudden I noticed a fenced off area with some remains of an archaeological site. It had to be it; there was nothing else even close. It was right on the cliff facing both Egypt and Libya and looking on the map it would have to be about the border between the two countries. This seemed perfect for us to send the frequencies of Truth to these two countries.
We walked around the entire boundary (which wasn’t very big) and then sat facing the ocean to meditate and send out the healing once again to the group of individuals that were registered on our list for healing and to Egypt, Libya and the rest of the world. While walking to the location I noticed a deep pink-red coloured stone in the hill/mountain side and wondered what it was. I was drawn to it as there were pieces around this archaeological site that I assumed was the Temple of Asclepius, so I collected 3 pieces, placed encoded pure Egyptian frankincense on them and encoded them for healing. I left one piece inside the site, one piece to travel to Israel and one piece to come home to Australia so that we have a triangle of healing and so each person registered for the Sacred Healing Journey of Divine Truth would always be connected to the Temple of Truth and receive the focused healing required. I also chose a stone specifically for those who had arranged private distant healing with me in Crete and placed this stone inside the site also so their process of awakening to their Divine Truth could unfold. After this we took some photos and walked back the way we came and rang the taxi to come and pick us up.
With some negotiating the taxi agreed to take us to another site simply because we had time and it was on my list as “interesting”. This site was Phaistos. I had two sites close by that were of interest; Festos and Gortys. I couldn’t remember the significance of but knew one of them had Temples related to the Egyptian gods. The closest one was the one we agreed because we didn’t have time to make it to Gortys. As we arrived at Festos I noticed a road sign mentioning a place called Levina. “Oh no! That was the place beginning with “L” I am sure that is where we were supposed to go. Not the place circled on the map”. I asked the Taxi driver how long it would take to get there. He said it would cost us too much, go tomorrow. We couldn’t go tomorrow we were leaving tomorrow. We went and bought tickets to the Festos site and I asked which had the Egyptian Temples, Festos or Gortys. He pointed across the road but insisted we go inside first because they were closing at 3pm. No we need to go only to the Egyptian site. He looked at me as if I was stupid and tried to convince me to go into Festos. I asked him what is at Levina and he replied “Temple of Asclepius”! And, what is at this place and I pointed on the map to Lasea. He shrugged his shoulders and said archaeological site. “No dah” I was on a mission again, I knew we had to go to Levina and I had to talk the taxi driver in to taking us. We walked across the road to the Egyptian site. We didn’t need a ticket for here no wonder the guy in the ticket office thought I was stupid. There was nothing but some foundations at this site. That doesn’t matter to us however, we come for other reasons. We quickly connected with the energies of Isis and Anubis and reason for being there and the healing we were sending to Egypt and then went back and renegotiated with the taxi driver to take us to Levina.
Onward we drive to Levina to the second Healing Temple of Asclepius – God of Healing. I fell asleep and dreamt about why had we gone to the wrong place in the morning? Why had we been given that map and why did we feel such strong energies if it were the wrong place? I was sure there was something there, I was absolutely sure we were not given a map that no longer exists according to the taxi driver with a location that is no longer recognised as of any importance if we were not meant to be there. Carmel had come onto our paths for a reason and I was sure it was to do with the map.
We arrived and again another temple overlooking the ocean toward Egypt. We meditated again sent healing to everyone and then someone came and closed the site. We only just made it, so obviously we were meant to make it there also but the energy was not as powerful as the location we went to in the morning. Somehow there was a triangle formed between the two Temples of Asclepius and this other location but I did not know what. I had the gentle dread that I may find out that the other location was one of a fort or something and then I would wonder how I had come to misread my intuition so badly. We returned to Matala and I immediately went to the internet and googled Lasea, Crete. Lo and behold, this was the “only” location that St Paul visited in Crete. He was on route to Rome supposedly as a prisoner when they were shipwrecked. He had foreseen the event and warned the centurions. They had ignored his message and sure enough they were shipwrecked. However, he had seen that there would be no lives lost and this came true. He had warned them to stay in “Fair Haven” but was not listened to and they entered into a 14 day tempest. Here we have the 14/5 again. Paul did not panic as he had be told by an angel of God that his destiny would be fulfilled in Rome, so he stayed calm while all else around him were in chaos and panic. Apparently he spent something like 3 months here.
It all made sense to me now. Of course this was the very location for the Temple of Truth in the etheric. Paul had stayed true to his faith, true to the message given to him but all others ignored. He followed his guidance and shared the truth and he did not waver.
Amazing and I couldn’t wait to share with Linda this Truth. We did find it and we were meant to find it and Carmel had given us the very map that showed the location and without this particular map we would never have found it. Who knows why she was drawn to circling this particular place but she did and I blindly followed without question. The moral to this story I believe is that when you are ready you will be granted entrance into the Temple of Truth and it is not easily found or easily entered and this was proven because the actual location has not been recorded anywhere, only the mention that it is in the etheric over Crete. We found it of that I have no doubt and the feeling inside my heart was and still is of absolute humbleness, gratitude and love to have been able to have this incredible experience. The song that was in my mind from the time we began our journey in Ancient Lissos was “Don’t you know it’s magic” and this is exactly how the whole trip unfolded.
Now Carmel, she had become our third person to complete our triangle as the two of us would travel on into Israel and she would anchor the connection to us here in Crete for the forever connection to the amazing Truth unfolding.
I had listened to my guidance and stayed true to my calling to Crete during the month of May 2012. Linda had listened to her guidance and at the last minute came on board with a “knowing” that she was to take part in this journey without really know why. Carmel had listened to her guidance and followed it, met with me and Linda and the process was able to unfold perfectly. Those who chose to have distant Soul Energy Report healing, stayed true to their intuitive guidance to receive healing here and all those who were listed on the group to complete at the Wailing Wall for healing were are also connected to the stone that I later found out contains copper. Copper is a wonderful physical conductor of electricity and heat and considered the conductor of the spiritualist's belief system. According to myths, copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. Copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications. I didn’t know this when I chose this stone, so once again the perfection of listening without question, without analysing the purpose of the copper stone fits perfectly with the concept of holding the immaculate concept and being the link between the healing for all concerned including Egypt and Libya where we placed our focus other than specific people. If you are reading this you too are connected to the Temple of Truth. My intention was that all those who believe and those who come by this information are already included.
May the Truth Be With you and through you
The story of the journey is to be continued.

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