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Wow!! Two weeks ago I was home planning this amazing Journey of Truth and in the blink of an eye I am half way through my time away.

The LUXOR Light Meditation and Healing Retreat in Bali has come and gone so quickly. We rose early every morning to meditate overlooking the rice paddies with the sunrise, spent the day in healing or having massages, swimming and eating deliciously prepared organic meals from Sari Organics ready to meditate again every Sunset. It was a struggle for some of the group to immerse themselves completely into time to look within, time to reflect and just Be, however by the final day on 5.5.5 the energies of the Change, Liberation, Truth and Freedom had finally set in and everyone finally "got it" and the changes within were noticable even to the individual. The healing continues to unfold as I hear from different members of the group. It was such a powerful process, one that I am sure will be life changing as the changes within begin to integrate.

I continued on to Cyprus where my intention was to be in the footsteps of St Paul. I'm not a religious person by all means but I am highly spiritual (obviously) and I don't know the bible stories not having a religious upbringing, but I have discovered over the years how significantly touched I am by many of these figures that I now talk about so much. I apologise to those sticklers for accuracy for where I get it wrong or appear to get it wrong. My aim is purely to see the teachings these Masters are trying to share with us and along the way I find I am touched by so many of them that I feel I know them personally and probably I have at some other time in another existence. St Paul was known as the Apostle Paul or Paul of Tarsus (and I feel his energy around me now as I write so to St Paul I ask for guidance in what I share). St Paul is perhaps the most influential early Christian missionary spreading the Gospel through early Christian communities across the Roman Empire. From what I have read he was known as Saul prior to his conversion and began as a dedicated persecutor of the early disciples of Jesus around the Jerusalem area. But, while traveling from Jerusalem to Damascus on a mission to "bring them which were there bound unto Jerusalem", the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a great light. Saul was struck blind, but after three days his sight was restored by a healer from Damascus, and Paul became totally converted and was from then on a very significant and prominent early Christian leader.

Paul's conversion dramatically changed the course of his life and he became a missionary transforming religious belief and philosophy around the Mediterranean Basin. This also corresponds with the Light of LUXOR Light as we see the lives changing so rapidly once people undertake the LUXOR Light program and become carriers of this frequency that acellerates consciousness. St Paul was an incarnation of Master Hilarion who we are working with at present as we enter into the era of Truth. St Paul's story to me feels significant as we move into this time of awakening where sleeping souls are all of a sudden seeing the Light and transforming into new Beings of Light striving toward the ascension. More and and more people (Souls) are daily wanting to seek the Truth so where better to begin this journey than on the Island of Love (Cyprus) to send this energy of love out into the world and allow it to penetrate deep into the waters surrounding it and carrying it to all four corners of the globe

My first mission was to meditate at the top of St Hilarion Castle intending to send out love and healing to the world. I took my time and wandered for 2 hours upward into the Castle that is built into a mountain. I was lucky and as I arrived at the peak nobody else came until my meditation was finished.
As I climbed back down healing codes spontaneously poored through me anchoring the energy into the mountain with each step I took. This is how it works, now every person who steps upon this ground will receive the codes of healing that have been planted here. Mountains hold great power and are perfect transmitters to send the energy out into the world! My mission accomplished for the day I wandered on........
 to a Monastery that was not in my plan but the driver had said he would include it in my fee for the day. I agreed because I couldn't understand what he was saying anyway I just knew I had time and it wasn't going to cost much more so I might as well do it. The Bellapais Monastery also known as the Monastery of Peace - how perfect! 

After this I went back into Kyrenia and visited Kyrenia Castle built on the harbour and a most spectacular view could be seen from it. Funnily enough, as if to finish the day with a giggle and be sure to stay light hearted, there was a Bollywood movie being staged here and all the props with stunt man to boot ready to shoot for the movie they said was called Razer 2. I haven't seen Razer 1 so I don't know what it's about but I thought it funny and it was all quite colourful with a very colourful producer calling the shots. Kyrenia Castle wasn't significant on my journey just an extra.

I only had two days to see what I came for and will have to spend more time at another date, hopefully with a group but this trip was purely to climb to the peak of St Hilarion Castle and to visit a little village called Kormakatis where they still speak Aramaic - the language that was spoken at the time of Jesus.

I was tired on this day and I could feel a deep blanket of energy coming over me. I almost stayed in but pushed myself to get a driver to take me to this small village in hope that someone might speak to me. When I arrived it was like a ghost town. No-one around but a lady in an empty cafe. I wandered around the church grounds but the church was closed. I asked the lady but she said the priest was not there. I asked her if she spoke Aramaic and she said "yes but you will have to speak to the Priest". I asked when he would be back and she said tomorrow morning but he leaves at 7am every morning. She said you are not lucky and directed me to the house/coffee shop next door to the Church and said there were two sisters who had the key. They were not there either. I decided to simply meditate on the steps of the Church and when I came out of meditation there was a white dove feather at my feet. That was sign enough for me that I had got whatever it was I came for. I didn't really know why I felt drawn to go there, you can simply listen to the language on youtube, but something was calling me and had been for a number of years when I heard about a village in Syria. I thought that was the only place and I didn't have time to visit it when I was in Syria in 2006. There are other places, not many but a few - Lebanon also and the Galilee which I am visiting next week also. I still don't know why I had to be there but it doesn't matter, I answered the call and that is all that matters. I had wandered the quiet streets and came across to old ladies chatting in their kitchen. I called out and asked if they spoke English and one said "no" which always make me laught because "no" is English. So I asked if they spoke Aramaic and the other called back "Aramaic??" and I answered yes, and she answered "no". Another giggle, realising that they obviously spoke both but had no intention of talking to me and they were quite possibly even speaking it or a mix of it when I arrived. I realised, it is nothing to do with what my personality would like, but the fact that I went there to receive the energy of the spoken word which would very obviously be surrounding the place especially the Church. I got it even if I didn't get to have a chat with anyone, and what would that achieve anyway............
I had been greeted from my hotel room in Cyprus with the most magnificent Sunset and in the morning I was greeted again by the most magnificent Sunrise and both over the ocean!! I made sure I enjoyed all 3 sunrises and sunsets before my last sunrise in Cyprus followed by a 3 hour drive to Paphos to the airport. I am so glad I decided to take the long road because it was so beautiful driving through the mountains and the cyprus forrests, it was perfect and I am sure energetically I needed to do that, it also gave me the opportunity to see the Greek side of Cyprus whereas I stayed in the Turkish Cypriot, now I have ...seen both sides. I think my driver got a little lost but luckily her took his cousin for back up and a few twists and turns besides the twisty turny road and we got there. None of my drivers spoke English so I just sat back and trusted, no point anyting else because they wouldn't understand my concerns anyway lol............

Now here I am in beautiful Crete, tired by happy. A strange feeling of familiarity when I arrived and I'm not sure if it was because of my trip to Greece last September, or because I was familiar with the names of places on the signs, or a rememberance, or even the preparations with Lord Hilarion and Pallas Athena to get here. Maybe the days to come will show me. I will allow the days to unfold, I am tired today so will just regroup and get ready for the next part of the journey.
We have 165 names on our Journey of Truth healing list. The journey begins on 13th with the sacred vibration of 32/5 bringing the world into alignment with the frequency of the New Awakening that began after the close of the Mayan Calender on 28 October last year. I am in Chania and intend to find somewhere apropriately quiet to begin the activations.Linda Vassallo arrives to continue the journey with me that evening and then at 5am on the morning of the 14th we move to Sougio and walk to Lissos to the Healing Temple of Askelpious. This is another 555 day bringing Liberation, Freedom, Change, Truth and awakening to Divine Mission - it is a 33 day. The days ahead will unfold according to Divine Plan meeting with those who are ready to be touched by LUXOR Light and the messages of the Masters. All names registered on the list will travel with us and will complete at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on 23.5.2012 (555)  Stay posted.............
I think there is a sad story to go with it because I met a lovely couple from Holland on the little mini bus as I went into Girne that morning and they mentioned something about it, or maybe that was to do with Kyrenia Castle but I didn't get to have a guide so I will have to save that for next time, however I was probably not meant to know at this time given I was simply anchoring healing light for whatever purpose was needed. Bellapais Abbey is located in the hillside, 6 miles South East of Kyrenia. The first settlers in Bellapais Abbey were the Agustinas Monks, who escaped from Jerusalem in late Twelth century. Originally, the name of the Abbey came from the Latin alphabet : 'Bella De Lapaix' means beautiful peace, because the monks wore white robes instead of black.

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