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A Welcome into the land of Hospitality - Beautiful Crete!

Beach at Stalos, Crete

Crete !  Wow, what an experience.  On the 11th May, on arrival into Crete I received a welcome on my facebook page from a lady who lives in Crete.  It simpy read "Welcome to Crete Christina!".  I had never met Carmel previously and wondered who she was.  I obviously had accepted her as a friend on facebook, but I accept lots of people I don't know hoping to share some LUXOR Light in doing so.  What a lovely gesture and it did not stop there.  Carmel invited me to meet with her at her restaurant built on the old Venetian wall of the port of Chania and right below lies the ancient ruins of Minoan Kydonia! She had suggested it was a perfect location for a get-together.  I was still buzzing with having just arrived and thought it would be a good idea.  She also suggested visiting the World's oldest Olive tree which was only 20 minute drive from where I was staying.  I wasn't sure how I would get there but left it open.  The next moring I busied myself writing the previous blog and then I started to weary.  I decided to take a walk on the beach and then had a late lunch on a tavern on the beach.  On returning to my hotel I was tired, still thinking of going in to Chania to have a look at the Venetian Harbour and meet Carmel.  I decided to have a nap and didn't wake until 5:30 the next morning. I sent an apology to Carmel for missing the opportunity to meet her.  It was Mothers Day and Carmel had sent me another message on Facebook inviting me to spend Mothers Day with her and her family visiting the World's Oldest Olive Tree which was just across from her Mother-inlaws house in a small village 20 minutes from me.  What a wonderfully generous person!  Yes, of course I would love to. 

Myself with Carmel Jane Doak inside the Worlds Oldest Olive Tree
Meeting Carmel has proved to be many things, starting with what I am sure will become a life-long friendship; friends from another time and place I am certain! 
The whole day I was almost lost for words (although I'm sure Carmel's husband Yani didn't think so because we actaully didn't stop talking).  It was so surreal, I was in awe of this family and their generosity and kindness and Carmel is an obvious Earth Angel which I intend to write more about in the blogs that will follow this one.

The World's Oldes Olive Tree Carmel tells me is reportedly more than 3000 years old.  The energy was/is amazing and Carmel has an exceptionally close link to this tree.

My introduction to the World's Oldest Olive Tree in Crete
I felt almost pushed toward the tree and codes/keys and Ancient Language wanted to pour through me.  I had to contain myself because it was a public place but I felt like I had a homecoming or a reunion with an old friend. 
Inside the World's Oldest Olive Tree bringing through Sacred Sound, Codes and Messages
The Light and Violet Orb formed above me as I sounded inside the Tree

If you enlarge this photo you can see above me to the left the Violet Orb and in the bottom
right hand corner Rainbow Light.  Carmel tells me that Crete holds a lot of Rainbow light.

What an amazing day with an amazing lady and her family. 
After the World's Oldest Olive tree we visited the seconded oldest
church in Greece - the oldest in Crete. 

Church of Arch Angel Michael

We had a lovely lunch at a quaint Taverna with one of the most
beautiful Desert Rose Gypsums I've seen, and then Carmel even
took me to the airport to pick up Linda Vassallo who was to travel
onwards with me on the rest of the Journey.
We picked up Linda, she had a meal at Carmel's restaurant and
 we took a stroll in the pretty setting of Chania Harbour before Carmel
drove us home to our hotel and we said our farewells for now. What a
 wonderful welcoming for both of us. Thank you Carmel!
Linda's welcoming Cretan sunset

Carmel had told me that she had come across my website some 12 months ago when I was first planning my trip to Crete to the Temple of Truth. She thought I was onto something so followed along with my updates and then my plans changed. She hadn't followed for a while and then received a message through thought form instructing her to check out what my plans were, and she found that I was arriving into not only Crete but Chania. She decided it was a synchronicity she needed to follow up and the rest will be revealed soon......

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. You have been so blessed on your journey. Namaste
    Claire P


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