Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jerusalem and the Rose Ray of Forgiveness

The Old City Jerusalem November 2011.  If you look above the Old City you can see the Magenta/Rose Ray of Unconditional Love, Regeneration, Strength and Renewal

It's been a few weeks since I wrote my last report for the energies. It was like something simply went snap take a break and don't write and now I feel it is time again, only it's also time for change. Now I feel it appropriate to write for the month rather than every day, although that could change at any moment, but for today that is what feels right.
April is such a good month for focusing on you, on your healing, on dreaming that which you want to bring into your reality and looking after your physicality. Love and nurture you and allow ideas to formulate. Be forgiving, be embraced in the all encompassing unconditional love of our Infinite Universe! Don't start anything new but rather be organised and orderly in your physical life and also direct your subconscous to tidy up and organise itself also and the wisdom of the Divine will be yours to behold, and will allow all your dreams and visions to begin to bring your new direction into manifestation.
Ascended Master of the Month is Ascended Master Jesus
Meditation: Enter into stillness within the heart and here you will find Ascended Master Jesus showering you with unconditional love, forgiveness and the energy of Devotion to the Christ within. Simply allow yourself to surrender to the Love and feel the bliss that will expand your consciousness and awaken to a more joyous loving and forgiving you! Focus on the featured photo and absorb the energies that are offered through the Blessing of the Holy City of Jerusalem.
Colours for the Month of April are Golden Light, ruby red and deep rose pink/magenta

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