Friday, 20 January 2012

Global Energies with ChristinA

Saint Baume, South of France
20 January, 2012
You should set you intentions and thoughts towards a creative flow today and draw on the power of self expression to bring about some change. Yes, that's it, create some changes even if they are only tiny ones. If you ...practices creating change in some small way, when change is thrust upon you, you will be the master of it already and look it in the eye and say "Great Stuff! Let's go". With changes comes expansion into greater worlds and encourages you to reap from the infinite universe. Be forgiving today, be unconditional in all you do and put that energy into all your create.

Ascended Master Today is Mary Magdalene.


Ask to visit her in meditation at her Etheric Retreat Etheric located at Saint Baume, South of France. Ask to always have humour and laughter no matter what injustice brought upon you and to be able to be the warrior of all things right through holding the essence of unconditional love in your heart at all times.

Colours for today are overall Magenta and minor colours are yellow and blue.  

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