Monday, 9 January 2012

Global Energies Weekly 2012

Through the Windows of Time

Synchronise your internal clocks with the windows of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them.  By working with the colour rays you can actually tap directly into the energies available to us on the day and work with the natural flows from the Universe.  This makes a smoother transition through the day and allows us to open to that which is available.  Our subtle bodies understand the language of the colour rays and it enables us to access greater amounts of light in appropriate amounts.

Tuesday 10 January, sets the scene for initiating newness through opening to creative expression enabling you to tap into your divine power.  Trust in that which lies within you and be aware that in that trust you a new faith in your own abilities will unfold.  Nice day for meditation.

The Ascended Master for today is St Germain.  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to the Rakoczy Mansion and the Temple of the Maltese Cross in the Carpathian Mountain of Transylvania in Romania and ask to be cleansed through the violet flame of transmutation.

The colours for today are Violet with orange and blue to encourage that creative expression.

Wednesday 11 January A karmic influence around today that works on the strong influence you set with your thoughts.  Your thoughts are very powerful during this vibration and if you use them wisely your creative flow will open you to insights bringing messages of good tidings. If your buttons are being pushed, take another look in the mirror and utilise the perfect balance of Heaven embracing the Earth that is available to us today.  Expect a message. Forgive and reap is the theme for today.

Ascended Masters today are "The Great White Brotherhood".  Meditation:  The Temple of Victory in the Etheric Realms.  Ask to be taken to the Great Temple of Victory either during meditation or in your sleep to bath in the essence of Peace and Freedom.

The colour for today is Magenta with orange and indigo.

 Thursday 12 January.  Aah Wisdom beckons when we trust in our own creative powers and let go of that which has gone full circle.  Time to create a new cycle and bask in the knowing that your seeds are blossoming and beginning to bear fruit.  The is help around so ask for it and trust that it will be given.  The hand of God is reaching out assisting all who will be willing to tap into this power.  Pure inventive energy, yours to behold so be inspired!

Ascended Master today is Sanat Kumara.  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to the Etheric Retreat of Sanat Kumara at Shamballa over the Gobi Desert in China to learn through the ruby ray initiations of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service through the four cosmic offices of the Lion, the Calf, the Man and the Flying Eagle.

The colour for today is Gold, but bring in orange and violet and you will truly be in the flow.

Friday 13 January. An opportunistic day today of magical proportions.  Be very positive today and reap the bounty from your creations because surprises are likely to show themselves today.  Turing the corner is easy under this influence and with a positive outlook you are in for a super dooper day!

Acended Master for today is Oromasis and Diana.  Meditation:  Ask to taken to the Etherc Retreat of  Oromasis and Diana, the hierarchs of the fire element over the island of the Bering Sea off Kamchatka Peninsular  between Siberia and Alaska to learn how to assist our elemental life. Their retreat radiates purifying rainbow rays to the entire planet for the freedom of mankind and the liberation of elemental life.

Colour for today is red with orange and magenta.

Saturday 14 January.  Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all.  Be careful today because it is a testing day where your buttons are likely to be pushed.  It's time to let go of things you have held deep for a long time, but you cannot release until you have dealt with and totally understood the lessons that they came to teach you.  Look, recognise and release, you will be glad you did.

Ascended Master today is Lady Portia.  Meditation:  As to be taken to Lady Portia's Retreat over Ghana, near Accra and ask to be shown how to master the four elements and the balance between thought and feeling, masculine and feminine, justice and mercy.

Colour today is Green and if you like you can also work with orange and gold.

Sunday 15 January.  I love the vibration thats fills our space today.  Bliss at it's most high,  Joy at is most joyous, are the rewards when we complete projects in their fullest expressions.  Today lends for a happy household and you can relax knowing that it's just possible that today is the first day towards all your dreams coming true.... Enjoy!

Ascended Master  Lanello.  Meditation:  Over the Rhine Rhine River near Bingen is the etheric retreat of Lord Lanello.  Ask to be taken here during your sleep or meditation to be regarged, refreshed and learn about your Divine plan.  A haven for awakening the child at heart. 

Colour for today is yellow!!

Monday 16 January.  I hope you had a joyous day yesterday because it is back to work today.  Time to set down some foundations, time to prepare for the next set of projects, get serious and work your butt off!  Head down and on with it but don't get bogged down with simply remind yourself of your mighty powerful you who achieves as quick as you think of it.  A great planning period.

The Ascended master Hilarion.  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to Master Hilarions Etheric Retreat over the island of Crete to be instructed in all matters pertaining to cosmic truth, mathematics, music, the science of precipitation and healing. This retreat is known as the Temple of Truth.

The colour for today is green with some yellow and red to keep you focused.

Tuesday 17 January.  Today brings you in alignment with all that we are about in 2012.  This is a victorious energy and all you have been striving for should be very obviously coming into being today.  A joyous and creative flow opening doors to change and expansion.  A very peaceful vibe around today and everything happens with ease.  Believe in yourself because today you just know that all you know is true and right and in alignment with the new world.  Today you have mastery over the lower nature and completely about to control your own spiritual energy.  Nice!

Ascended Master Mother Mary.  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to  The retreat of Archangel Raphael and his twin flame Mother Mary  in the etheric realm over F├ítima, Portugal for the perfect functioning of the body temple and the flow of light in the chakras.

The colour for the day is Blue with yellow and orange.

Until next week, have Blessed week and may all your days be filled with joy.
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