Friday, 20 January 2012

Global Energies Daily with ChristinA

Sunrise at Abu Garub
Saturday 21 January
Continuing on with the theme of creativity today, set a few more intentions towards that which you wish to create and intend that you will finish them. Today gives you the perfect opportunity to complete things that are nearing their time of completion and for you to let go of any other things that no longer serve you. You may find there is a struggle between ego centred self and higher self today unless you have achieved harmony in the balance of the minds. If there is struggle place some uplifting music or listent to angelic sounds and clear the mind. If you are in perfect balance then record the wisdoms that are offered to you. These little gems will be the seeds that sprout the fruit of glory!
Ascended Master Lord Metatron who sits alongside the Throne of God.
Ask Lord Metatron to assist you in your creations today ask that if you may receive the inspiration to bring forth and create from your own unique and masterful qualities.
Colour today is Gold, but you can also use yellow and indigo.

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