Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Global Energies 2012

Through the Windows of Time 2012

Synchronise your internal clocks with the windows of time as the ancients did and tap into the energies of the Universe to manifest during the powerful portals available to us when we know how to use them...............................
Sunset at Fayoum Oasis, Egypt

 Day 3 of January 2012 already, it feels like we are speeding into the New Year already. Today is a day to complete any unfinished tasks, forgive self and others. Pour unconditional love on all sentient Beings and release all that is not serving you and your goal of ascension. It's a great day to plant seeds because you are bound to reap infinite rewards under anything that is planted with love and respect. Call on your Divine wisdom and bath in the Knowing that all is in Divine order.

Master for today is Guatama Buddha:  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to Western Shamballa over the Royan Teton Ranch on the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park and ask to be aligned with the "Great Awakening".

The colour for the day is Gold and you can also work with red and magenta to bring you into the flow of things.

We are still in the Ancient Egyptian Month of Rekhr (Mechir) and the Netjer(god) of the Month is Rekeh the Great Fire God, He who is in the sky which began on 16 December.  This is a great month to initiate things, it will really activate you into the doing side with gutso.

 4 January holds a wonderful energy that supports us with both new beginnings and at the same time room to complete - in it's purest the energy of the day is about the never ending story where there is no cessation of energy at all.  This is a fantastic time to "get moving" to shift all the old baggage because the offering is one of absolute New Fresh Energy.

The Master for today is Jesus and Mary:  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to the etheric Temple of Ressurection over the Old City in Jerusalem and ask to receive according to the Will of God the flame of resuurection through all chakras to enable you to step forth into service to Humanity and bring stronger foundations to your path of ascension.

The colour for the day is Red but you can also add some Gold

5 January -Creation, Creation, Creation, this is the day to pull all your spiritual creative ideas potentials into line.  A beautiful harmonious energy energy that grants confidence and the willingness to strive to actually produce something beautiful and bring it forth from the womb of creation.  The next 9 days will bring forth elements of creativity to differing degrees - watch for the theme.

Master of the Day is Kuthumi.  Meditation:  Ask to be taken to the Etheric Retreat of the Cathedral of Nature in Kashmir and ask with the assistance of Guatama Buddha, Jesus and Kuthumi to be immersed in the Sacred Flame of Illumination.
The main colour for today is Orange and or Green

6 January - Cosmic consciousness meaning you are able to totally tap into the flow of the Universe and receive the natural flow of right decisions.  Today there is the perfect balance of Heaven and Earth and you can dispose easily of all that is not of higher consciousness and the old order will naturally change into the new.  Tap into the abundance force of the Cosmos and birth new ideas into form.

Master:  Paul the Venetian.  Meditation:  Focus on the intention to attend the Chateau de la Liberte and ask to awaken the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power within your heart so you may understand the true meaning of Liberty.

The main colour for today is Yellow and minor colours orange and red.

7 January - Saturday lends itself to greatness but that should be with a capital "G".  Dare the mighty deeds today because the energy is very powerfully set for creating your dreams and desires that you always wanted to do.  Be creative today and place the energy into whatever you do of that which you would like to see come into your life in the coming month.  Meditation is good for this, or you could paint, draw, dance with the spiral of life, do a mandala, the options are endless and you are totally supported here by the Alpha and the Omega, the God/Goddess and the circle of never ending potential. 
Master Serapis Bey is tapping on your shoulder today offering you greater knowledge of ascension.  
Meditation: ask to be taken to the Ascension Retreat at Luxor in your sleep for further learning.

On the Ancient Egyptian Calender it is day 20 of the month of Rehr and it is the Day of Nut and Raet proceeding southward
The colour for the day is deep Ruby Gold

8 January - lends itself to change and no wonder if you have worked the energy of the great day previous.  There is a lot of joy about today mostly to do with your creations of yesterday.  When you have embraced that which makes you sing the courage you gain sets you forth into expansion.  Ultimately that brings Freedom and there is no doubt you will embrace your Truth and come into aligmentment with what 2012 is all about. 

Master Hilarion and Pallas Athena are guiding you today.  Meditation: Ask to be taken to the Etheric Retreat of Truth over Crete to gain greater understanding of yourself and the Higher Truths.

9 January - It's all about Love today, love of self first in order to create that ultimate heart connection with someone else and within your own family.  Relationships are our greatest teachers.  Look around yourself today and welcome into your heart your friends, family, colleagues, teachers, students etc.  If you take the time to do this individually you will begin to understand who is your teacher at the moment because ultimately everyone we know is our teacher.  The one who is causing an uncomforable feeling for you at present or pushing your buttons anywhere in your chakras is right here, right now your greatest teacher about "Self".  All you need is Love.

The Master for the day is Jesus and Lady Nada.
Meditation: Ask to be taken to the Etheric Arabian Retreat and ask to be placed within the Flame of Peace to receive the Codes of Peace within your heart.

Colour is Indigo and you can also embrace today the colours of orange and green.

555 Sacred Journey of Truth - May 2012 in Crete

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