Sunday, 22 January 2012

Consciousness Orb of the Ibis (Thoth) on the Nile 2008

Sunday 22 January
Big things today... Dare those mighty Deeds you've never dared before! or at least a little dare here and there! It's a magical mystical day today, one that lends itself to wanting to know a little about the mysteries of life and beyond. The energy hold key to the sacred architecture of humanity and the secrets of life that one must solve for themselves. Great day to immerse yourself in sounds of light or music that sings to your soul. Today is new fresh and blessed!
Ascended Master today is Thoth
Ask to visit Thoth's Retreat in the caverns beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru to learn how to bring your creations into form.
Colours for today Red but red is very powerful so if you prefer you can use yellow and violet.

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