Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 The Great Awakening

Since 2004 the frequency of LUXOR Light has been preparing for this time that is upon us now; preparing for 2012 and beyond. The frequency of LUXOR Light holds the power of the pyramids and its purpose is to enable humanity's ascension. As an empowerment frequency that enables one to rip through lifetimes of baggage in lightning fast order and pushes one to open to and activate higher levels of dimensional consciousness and move quickly into the Higher Realms of existence we are over-joyed to have arrived at the very time that we have been waiting for.

This new frequency has taken 7 years to fully birth into our reality before it could begin to do the work it has been born to do. Just like the human with our Soul purpose, all Light frequencies also have a Soul Purpose or a mission to accomplish. LUXOR Light was born for the awakening times to be ready for 2012 and beyond.

Holding the power of the pyramids means that a fully activated and prepared LUXOR Light facilitator actually becomes a pyramid and when an individual sits within the energy space of a LUXOR Light Teacher or receives a healing from a LUXOR Light healing Facilitator it is the very same as sitting within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops). A healing facilitator can assist a client to clear to such an extent the acceleration through the dimensions is very rapid. To sit in the circle and share space with a LUXOR Light Teacher who is facilitating the energy will enable one to step forth into the same space as the awakening chambers of Ascension. It is the energy of Sirius and Egypt; the energy of the pyramids and holds the same purpose as the Ascension Flame in the Ascension Temple of Luxor. Those who have prepared, received and held their capstone in place are carriers of the Ascension Flame and are now ready to assist humanity to also receive their capstone and move gently into the Dawn of Kephra. The Dawn of Kephra is the Fifth World/New World/Fifth Dimension and the Golden Era of Truth that we are entering here in 2012.

The frequency of LUXOR Light takes one very quickly into the fifth dimension with rapid healing and tastes of dimensions far beyond that of what is required to enter into the Fifth World. Those that have the ability are able to fully activate to the level of the 24th dimension and begin the process of journeying out to the Infinite Realms of the Universe in order to become the pyramid and carry on the Soul purpose of the Frequency of LUXOR Light in awakening humanity to become fully conscious once again.

With the assistance of the many Ascended Masters we draw on the qualities of all Paths of Consciousness to enable one to awaken to their full potentiality and transition into their chosen fields of mastery.

We work closely with Lord Serapis Bey the Lord of the Ascension Retreat over the Temple of Luxor in Egypt to enable the purity of this Ascension Frequency to stay in its most pure form while embracing the help of Ascended Master Hilarion and the Goddess of Truth Pallas Athena who work with the Emerald Flame of Truth in the Temple of Truth over Crete in order to be sure all is carried forward with the Integrity of absolute Divine Truth.
When embraced in the frequency of LUXOR Light with a fully attuned facilitator there is no need for any other pyramid in the third dimensional sense because they are the pyramid. They hold the purpose and are the generators of Light frequency just as the Great Pyramid did/does when fully re-activated. They are Awakeners who have contracted to be here at this time and it matters not where you are in the world if you wish to sit in the energy of the Pyramid of Awakening. The pyramids of 2012 are walking talking multi-dimensional Beings here when you are ready to take that next leap of ascension to take you to the next level and beyond the fifth dimension so our planet and all our inhabitants can have Heaven on Earth and embrace the Christ Consciousness forever more.

If you are interested in the LUXOR Light Ascension Program please contact me for a Teacher/Facilitator in your area.

As the Founder/Guardian of the LUXOR Light Frequency I am prepared to travel anywhere in the world to bring this frequency to you if you can arrange a group of at least of 12 to enable this to take place. Contact me on

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