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12:12 Synchronising our Internal Clocks.

New Dawn over the Nile, West Bank Luxor - photo ChristinA Ritcie

12:12 and Synchronising our Internal Clocks

In 2012 we were given the opportunity to synchronise our internal clocks with the windows of time like the ancients did.  Well we get this opportunity ever day really, then more so every 12:12 but 2012 seemed to have so many more people ready and willing to take a look at what mattered and what didn't.  We took a "conscious" look at things.  This meant we were all starting to think in alignment with the the energies of the Universe so we could begin to learn how to manifest through the powerful portals of time.

2012 proved to be a year of Change, Transformation, Spiritual Expansion, Liberation and Welcoming our Personal and Spiritual Truths.  People who were disillusioned with religion and false spiritual teachings began to have a new respect for their own Divine Truth.  We awakened to greater understanding of the Universe we live in. 2012 was a year where we learned to co-create with the Divine in a more intimate and powerful way assisting to bring about cosmic harmony.  It enabled us us to bring forth through spiritual manifestation that which we had long been waiting for - a greater level of personal and spiritual mastery.

12:12 comes to us every year, not just 2012 but in 2012 it was even more powerful, it was 12:12:12 - 12 December in the 12th year of this century.   12:12 gateways are portals to the end of one thing and the opening into another Gate.... A door to opportunity.

Crossing over to the Other Side

2012 was a "5" year, corresponding with entering the Fifth Dimension, welcoming the Fifth Quintessence and embracing a New World/New Era; an era of Truth, Integrity and Higher Consciousness. Our journey into the fifth dimension did have fulfill the mission of awakening the greater populace to embracing their "other side".  And many took the bridged and crossed over to the other side and embraced it.  It held a theme for the more masculine to embrace their feminine and those  leaning too far in the feminine faced the need to balance out and embrace their masculine.

We are co-creating with the Divine - the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the Alpha and the Omega, the God/Goddess. There can be no creation without both masculine and feminine energies working in harmony with each other; no Shiva without Shakti, no Alpha without Omega, no god without goddess, no Mother without Father, no Heaven without Earth etc. 

Divine Manifestation 5:5 Portal

The reward once we embrace both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine appears in the form of Divine Manifestation of the ultimate creation of that which the Soul desires and that which the Soul wishes to anchor to this planet.  

Many individuals have been striving to find their Soul purpose.   Those Soul purposes are all wrapped up with the purpose of 2012, the purpose of Unity Consciousness. We all carried a part in that mission, and we are still in the process of continuing that wake up call.  After we closed the door offered to us at the 12:12 portal, we started manifesting.  Those manifestations are starting to come into fruition now.   We crossed the bridge, opened the door and from there individual expressions of soul purpose are now becoming manifest.  We can finally "see" that which we crossed the bridge to Unity for. have you acknowledge your growth through those gates of powerful changed triggered in 2012.

What's the 5:5 portal... oh just that it's 5 years since we had a 5 year.... big change is able now to manifest in 2017... embrace it, take the change, roll with the changes!

Awakening to the Fifth Element

2012 was a 5 year, opening us to welcoming the "Fifth Quintessence" and awakening to the fifth element of consciousness. We already understand about the 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water that we have so far been working with in order to raise our levels of consciousness. Now we embrace the fifth element, that of Sound. As each of the four elements have been fully integrated in consciousness the fifth element will begin to pour through in the form of the Sounds of Light; a pure form of healing that has the ability to shift consciousness to even greater levels.

The fifth element can only come when we are ready to embrace the shifts of changes in consciousness and let go of the old emotional heavy baggage of the 4th dimension.  If you are reading this and still experiencing the emotional world, then acknowledge that you are now able to make the shift.  Acknowledge the let the shift begin.  Time is irrelevant and 2012 was only a "marker" of the internal shifts about to take place.  The shifts are always internal before they can be made manifest in the external world.

Mayan Calendar 12:12

I don't know much about the Mayan calendar except the end of the Old World was 28 October 2011 and that 2012 was the first year of the New World.  That time-frame also corresponds with the Ancient Egyptian calendar and their time scale of the End Times. The end times according the Ancient Egyptian calendar was called the time of Amun (Amen), which is what we were in up til 2012.  Then we moved into the New Dawn of Kephra (Scarab). 

Amun was the hidden god of which represents the hidden times, the darkness, the unknown. And the Scarab was known as the driller who drilled down into the earth (the darkness) and then came back up into the light with greater awareness.  When you see 12:12, know that you are closing the door on the "hidden", the "unseen" and opening the door to a world of Truth.

Time itself is simply a cycle of ever changing themes moving from one level of consciousness to another.  Whenever you see the 12:12 numbers, you will know you are being given the opportunity to synchronise your internal clock with the new that awaits you.  It signifies that a chapter is closing or had just closed, don't keep it open.  Close the door and allow the new opportunities to come manifest for you.  Let the untruths of the old chapters of your life go and welcome the new life of True expression of the Divine in you become manifest.

Welcome to the always opportunity of seeing the 12:12 gateway and take the quantum leap!

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