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A Journey of Group Participation on the Ladder of Consciousness

Angel of Sinai
Unity Consciousness requires us to be at harmony within ourselves so we can be at harmony with those around us.  Unity consciousness requires us to be willing to face that mirror that shows us that which is still out of balance and be willing to undergo whatever it takes to bring it into alignment.  Once working in Unity, the healing is for All because we are all One in the Greater scheme of things.  When one is able to distinguish the difference between what is ours and what is being experienced from “out there”,  our outlook changes and we welcome the lessons and challenges and gladly say “Bring it On”.

The following is a description of the Part Each Member Played on the Ladder of Consciousness Awakening for Egypt during our 11.11.11 Portal of Peace Project.
I gave great consideration in looking at why each person was representing each chakra.  While the guidance to who was carrying the aspect of each chakra came through intuitive guidance, the clarity of why came through an understanding of the qualities of each chakra and why that person had contracted to assist Egypt to awaken to the positive qualities of each chakra.  As steps on a ladder of consciousness each participant was as important as the others with each holding a powerful position of assisting Egypt to make these shifts.  In looking at the chart and what each person was working on they may recognise mirrors in their own journey of learning/healing.  In recognition of the experiences each individual had and asking for awareness towards their own process a great deal of consciousness shifting can be accomplished for the participant as well.  It’s not all about the giving but in the receiving as well.  Buttons were pushed, mirrors were peered into and acknowledging that Egypt is quite possibly the biggest mirror one can look into and has the magic ability of making us see that part of us that we have been hiding, burying and ignoring.  Once visiting Egypt, one either runs and says they never want to revisit and often this is because they did not like what they saw within themselves and acknowledge it as not liking what they saw in Egypt!  Others recognise the lessons and the mirrors and the magic of Egypt bringing to the surface that which is still needing to be healed and that which cannot be pulled forward so easily elsewhere.  Egypt is a place that shows us our Light and it also shows us our Darkness.  The healing that we give is in Selfless service, but one must remember that the healing that Egypt gives us is also in Selfless Service.  It’s the balance, that is offered when one is ready to accept that part of ourselves that is of most benefit to the world; after all that which is our greatest challenge is also our greatest gift that we can offer humanity.
For those in the group that took part I suggest a thorough look at these aspects and I am sure you will see your strengths and I thank you and I am sure Egypt thanks you, when you see your weaknesses I hope you embrace them and honour what it is they are trying to teach you and I wish you well on your continued healing journey.
On the journey to ascension through the chakras there are 7 levels within 7 levels so when one feels they have conquered a particular chakra the reality is that we need to revisit at a higher level of consciousness to redo the tests and challenges once again and if we can meet the test with flying colours (pardon the pun) then we move on to the next set of test and challenges.  There is no one above the other in the following chart; it is simply a representation of the actual chakra each member of the group was working with for themselves and for Egypt.

Now the Truth is there is Healing in here for All who reads it.  Read and the energy behind the words will resonate somewhere within you and shift will occur.   This is what LUXOR Light is all about, multi dimensional healing that moves through the ethers touching all along the way.... HAPPY HEALING :)
BASE CHAKRA     D.           D was representing the base chakra holding strong foundations for our group with a solid and grounded essence.   D being the eldest member of our group displayed a strong level of fitness showing that he has maintained a healthy respect for his physical body and skeletal system which is paramount in a healthy base chakra – D literally run up part of Mt Sinai!  One must remember that unless we maintain a healthy physical body, strong and stern we will find it difficult to ascend with the physical body, which is exactly what we are in the process of doing now.  2012 is said to be going to have a strong focus on the physical and each of us will be given awareness in different ways to bring our attention to the physical.  Once arriving in the 5th dimension we must focus on the health and physical strength of our physical bodies so we can maintain these higher frequencies and continue to climb up the ladder of evolutionary consciousness.

Positive characteristics of the base chakra assisting Egyptians towards – Self Awareness, purity, resurrection, the needs of the physical body and away from their 3d concepts of lust, greed, insecurity,  and survival. 
I recognised in D an element of the pioneer keen to make a difference and chart new territory which is a very positive concept of the base chakra.  Egypt is certainly beginning to move into new territory and is readying to accept 5th dimension consciousness. 
Place:  Aswan – Island of Philae and the Temple of Isis
Angel:  Gabrielle
SACRAL CHAKRA - L             I saw L as having faced many of her fears in taking this trip.  While she had been on 2 previous trips, this one she showed significant changes in regards to welcoming her courageous side and initiating fun filled experiences like jumping under the waterfall cleansing away emotional aspects of Self and offering the same to Egypt.  L laughed and took the lead where she could, she accomplished a mean fete climbing Mt Sinai by pushing ahead when once she may have allowed herself to quit on such a difficult challenge.  She pushed her physicality with the determination that all courageous Mountain climbers do and I hardly heard a peep out of her. 
L offered of herself in order to assist Egypt to learn and accept the concept of self-respect while having the ability to give of herself and welcoming the freedom to be ourselves, to have and respect our own boundaries and therefore, be able to respect those of others.  This is the chakra of "give and take" within our relationships with others and L expressed a safe zone for all who may have needed to feel the energy of her harmonious personality, a very positive quality of the sacral chakra bringing harmony within the group and spreading outward into the ethers for Egyptians.
Place:  Kom Ombo and Edfu
Angel:  Zadkiel
SOLAR PLEXUS   N   -         A last minute addition to the group filling the space of the Solar Plexus, N came in with a blast of joy and laughter, offering herself to the children in Alexandria, with sparkling eyes and joy bursting from her seams teaching them yoga on the beach. 
The solar plexus holds the positive concepts that allow us to gain in Self-worth which is very lacking in Egypt with many Egyptians not feeling worthy through many circumstances over a very long period of time, a strong and at times controlling religion and culture.  The young in Egypt are only just beginning to get a sense of who they are and wanting to bring that quality into their lives.  For the most part Egyptians are joyous and happy which is a blessing to see when there has been so much suppression in their life but they have also had a lot pushing that out of them.  N’s smile was infectious and my first impression of Nouty was that she was a bundle of Joy… that is very much the solar plexus at its most positive.  When one has balanced and fully integrated ones solar plexus they will be working fully in their Soul’s purpose; joy brings peace and allows one to accept their service to God - this is very much what Egypt is needing when they are able to remove the veil that shields them from fully embracing the power of connection to God without religion.  Hard one!
Place:  Luxor
Angel: Uriel
HEART   C1          C1 was clearly the Heart of the group.  He held the balance, calm and serene throughout all challenges and obstacles.  He was the bridge between worlds for the group and for Egypt.  Expressing love and self/love the Heart chakra  holds the ability to give and take unconditionally and when fully  balanced we are able to give this love and also to love and nurture ourselves, warts and all.  A healthy heart chakra expresses: Compassion, Generosity, Harmony/Balance and is Loving.  By holding himself in the stillness C1 was able to send this energy outward to Egypt with ease and without obstacles blocking the way.  This was a very healing position to be in for all in his field and especially for Egypt to be able to welcome his  gentle healing essence.
Place:  Tel el Armana
Angel: Chamuel
  THROAT  CHAKRA             C2          The throat chakra holds most challenges that we are likely to encounter on our journey of ascension.  It is our most challenging chakra.  Stepping beyond the heart and into the throat where it becomes about self- expression one needs to be a courageous and daring individual.  C2 clearly fits the bill with this one.  Expressing freedom of Speech in a land like Egypt is not something that has been accepted and only in recent times since the January 25 Revolution have the youth of Egypt begun to stand up for themselves and try to bring forth a desire to be able live in freedom equal to the Western World.  The ability to communicate our needs and requirements is something many still struggle with in the Western World and now in Egypt which is something like 70+ years behind us they are trying to step not only into the 5th dimension but directly from a solidly 3rd dimensional world directly into a world moving rapidly into the Higher Realms and into a world that is in Spirit of truth and purpose.  C2 has always held a strong sense of purpose from a very young age so somehow magically she arrived here at this time to carry out her purpose for Egypt.  The positive concepts of the throat chakra that clearly we who have travelled this Egyptian road are totally aware is a difficult one for them to welcome are: Loyalty, Trustworthy,  Being Tactful, expressing a sense of calm, peace,  emotional balance, joy, determination, will for action.
Place:  Sakkara
Angel:  Michael
BROW   M           M faced a lot of challenges to be able to make it to Egypt this trip, but because it is the opening of her Soul Purpose there was nothing that was going to stop her.  She brought this strength of being responsible for taking the next step in her life with her and while carrying that energetically in her field she was able to offer this to Egypt.  The Brow chakra is very much about self-responsibility, that is to say, being responsible for one's own life; responsibility to oneself to follow the soul's path and trusting one's own intuition and having the ability to see things from a 'higher' viewpoint rather than purely for satisfaction of the ego or one's material comfort.  The awakening of the brow allows one to recognise their own intuitive messages allowing one to begin or develop their own personal growth.  Intuitive messages are different from following the feelings of the gut and are direct messages from the Higher Self.  The positive qualities M was working on for herself and for Egypt were - Highly intuitive, Faithful, Clear sighted, Integrity, Orderly mind, strong mental abilities, concentration and inner wisdom.
Place:  Giza
Angel:  Raphael
  CROWN               ChristinA              That just leaves me!
 The crown chakra represents self-knowledge/ spiritual awareness.  This was my 12th trip to Egypt over a 6 year period spending more or less 18 months of time spent in Egypt over that period.  I have learned a lot about myself, about Egypt, about LUXOR Light purpose in Egypt and about consciousness during this time.  Being closely connected to the Holy Man of Luxor and his protégé and watching the struggles and challenges that come up for them in their missions of being a part of bringing Egypt into the 5th dimension I have found I move from absolute Trust in my process of journeying continually into Egypt with Ideals of beginning a project to help the people in the village to raise their conscious awareness, to not wanting to return only to find that my Higher Self continues to show me that the appropriate route  that benefits my Higher Self also benefits Egypt.  I struggle sometimes asking for an easier mission only to realise shortly after that the whole reason I am there is because they do need us and our energy fields that invisibly assists to raise the consciousness of the population.  LUXOR Light has a mission globally but it’s routes in Egypt and the Middle East and Eastern Europe with Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Sumeria and Ancient Egypt asking for us to anchor the energies once again to raise the frequencies in these areas in order to bring them along with the rest of the world as we move beyond 2012 and the Era of Truth, Integrity and Peace.   A New Dawn and a New World.  I recognise in myself a patience that is needed in that area.  I am known and accepted, trusted and welcomed and it is always expected that they will see me again bringing my groups that are usually greatly liked and respected.  My part is to help bring forth the positive qualities of: A reverence for all life - to be and to show by example the element of Self- sacrifice in the service of others, to encourage others to see the appropriate route for the benefit of the higher self, align with Idealism and union with their higher self, with spirituality, and higher consciousness, infinity, unity, freedom and embracing the Divine level of consciousness that is beyond religion.
I have been tested all the way, with Egypt, with the groups, with myself and my commitment to the people of Egypt, with the people who work alongside me and with the relationships I have encountered along the way.  I have had to learn a great deal of trust which is the Way and in that process I am tested by those who have mirrored to me exactly the opposite of what I believe in order to show me that on this path of Mastery that each of us have stepped upon, we must continue to trust and continue to follow the path in order to meet our Divine Agreements in accordance with our Divine Plan.  It’s hard sometimes to know how to deal with situations appropriately but I continue and I have grown immensely on this journey.  The day before I left Luxor I went into meditation as I do in commitment to sending healing energy to Egypt and was show that in fact the greatest challenge in Egypt and in particular my place of West Bank Luxor was actually concepts held in the crown chakra that are keeping them in a third dimensional state of consciousness.  I was shown that it is the capping between man and God that is known as religion that holds them back from fully embracing the process of stepping up into the Higher Realms.  It’s a difficult mission that we have in the Middle East, but if Egypt embraces it, the rest of the Arab world will follow.  I guess I am not quitting yet!
Place:  Heliopolis (Heli means Holy and opolis means place)
Angel:  Jophiel

Call on the Angel that represented the chakra classroom you were visiting and they will gladly assist you with any remaining healing that is needed to be done.  The Bonus for Egypt is you will continue the healing process for them also – an Unselfish act of Kindness, Thank you

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