Friday, 16 December 2011

11/11/11 Sacred Purpose

 11/11/11 LUXOR Light Ascension Tours program would have to be the highlight of all tours I have run yet.  A group of seven gathered with a purpose, a conscious purpose and a purpose hidden from the conscious mind and wandered the land to the north on the Mediteranean Coast of Alexandria to the west and the Libyan Desert to east and the coast of the Red Sea and to the south all the way to Abu Simbel boardering the Sudan anchoring a web of Light into the land, energetically touching the people of Egypt embracing them with trigger points from the ladder of consciousness that each member carried as ambassadors of Light.  Seven participants, seven chakras, seven levels of seven seals, the seven pointed star representing Alchemy and the shift in consciousness that is enabled when those who carry the ability to shift consciousness within their field and the fields of others.   A dual purpose to deal with ones own weaknesses by being triggered by the magical powers that Egypt holds, having the ability to bring up ones own issues and allowing us to see our mirror image in order to face that which lies still in the uncovered hidden darkened areas of our Being.  Seven individuals perfect for this purpose who on a subconscious level had volunteered / contracted to come together at this moment in time and offer themselves in service to trigger through their own healing processes the opportunity to heal that also for Egypt.  An unselfish act of Service that each of these individuals were totally unaware of what thier part was.  They each played a part in accepting  the Codes of the New Reality for themselves and sharing the process with Egypt.  Trigger points were activated within each participant to which each dealt with in their own way.  Nothing is by chance and while the program appears on the outside to be a jolly jaunt through Egypt there was a far bigger purpose going on.  Our visit to the Sufi Holy Man in Luxor confirmed our part with his explanation of why we were there, although limited in the translation he acknowledged that Egypt needed us, "especially this group" were his words. 
Some will return and some may not, but each participant honoured their Sacred Purpose and listened to their Inner Guidance and made this trip, honoured their contract and completed their mission.  The healing they personally received will begin to show in the months to come and I am sure the Healing Egypt received is already beginning to show.  I was there during the Revolution until it completed, and Myself, Maria and Claire (Crown, Brow and Throat)were all there during the elections this trip.  There is no coincidence and I thank all who participated on this journey.

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