Tuesday, 1 November 2011

LUXOR Light Teacher Chantal Wright

Chantal Wright our latest qualified LUXOR Light Teacher based in the UK. 
Chantal is the first Teacher for the New World, qualifying on Saturday 29th October 2011.  Chantal went through her initiations on the 28th October 2011 - the last day of the Mayan Calendar by travelling through the dimensions with myself to Sirius assisting others to awaken to the understanding of the Ascension process.  Chantal will be co-facilitating a meditation on 11.11.11 to coincide with the LUXOR Light group in Giza pyramid to re-activate and awaken the Codes of Peace and then later on at the Temple of the Sun to bring forth the Sounds of Light that will enable the creation of our new world.
Contact Chantal on :  email chantaljaywright@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. I woke up the day of my teacher initiation feeling extra tired, which always seems to happen when I am doing anything connected to LUXOR Light. I was at work that day and I had promised myself that I would stay connected to Christina throughout the day no matter what happened. Well I didn’t have to worry my mind and soul was definitely with Christina, it was just my physical body that was at work. All day people kept asking me things and I just laughed in reply as I had no idea what was going on. I’d think of a task that I had to do and start to move towards doing it and then realise I had forgotten what I was going to do. Everyone at work commented on it and they all said that my mind had stayed in bed; little did they know it was with Christina in Egypt.
    Later in the day I got about an hour of intense clarity and energy. I speeded up and managed to get everything done that I had needed to complete throughout the day.

    As my working day came to a close I popped into to see my step-dad where we had a deep and meaningful discussion, which seemed to put the world to rights. This in itself is an extraordinary event as we have been at loggerheads for some time. Afterward I went home and rested. I felt completely shattered and completely out of it, but I also had this building of excitement. It lasted all night and I could feel my crown chakra buzzing and pulsing with energy. To top it all off I could feel my kundalini energy rising and building, along with this excitement and crown chakra energy I would usually be battling with the intensity, but all I felt was contentment and peace. Later that night Christina text me to say that they were in the desert and waiting for the tomb guard. I felt as though I was there myself, it sounded as exciting as I felt and after that I fell into a deep sleep.

    I know that in my sleep I travelled all over and I definitely went to Luxor to be with Christina to astrally take part in the process. When I woke up I was aware of infinite different dreams, which were all important parts of the process. It has taken 3 full days for my kundalini energy to finally settle down and I’m still aware that there is a lot of work being done. I feel as though I am finally being washed along by the universe instead of swimming against the current or trying to keep up with it. I surrender!!!

    Thank you Christina I can’t wait until I can actually be there with you again. It won’t be long now J xxxxxxxxx


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