Saturday, 29 October 2011

28 October, 2011 Last Day of the Old World

It all started last night with a visit to the Holy Man.  Australia you were already breathing in the last day of the Mayan Calendar, or last day of the Old World as I prefer to call it, but we were still gearing up for it.  A visit to the Holy Man certainly kick started things for us.  He too was in agreeance that it was indeed the end of the times of darkness.  He gave each of us a healing and some very wise counsel and we went home to for our morning on 28 October.
Maria and I both had missions to accomplish for this day, mine was to give back to "you" in appreciation of journeying together through the darkness of the Old World and arriving together into the New Dawn of the New Golden Age.  I prepared names from those who registered personally and from the Healing Circle and LUXOR Light mailing lists.  I'm sure I must have had 150 plus people named or included on my list that was then folded into an origami boat for release down the Nile in the morning.  I placed it in the middle of some of the Egyptian Neteru Reliefs carved by and went to sleep. 
Morning came and Maria and I dressed in galibyas wandered on down to where the dahabeya is moored to do our releases into the Nile.  I sent my boat with all the names down the Nile with the intention and Language of Light Mantras for final cleansing from the Old Ways/World ready to enter the New.
The walk began with some symbolic views like a black cat sitting looking toward a white cat, then the black and white sheep and the gateway just ever so slightly open with an arched hedge almost the shape of a heart.  I had also woke in the morning with a vision between the sleep-awake state.  The vision was of an identity bracelet on my wrist.  On the bracelet was the number 2 and underneath that was a heart.  Immediatetly the vision repeated itself but this time it showed the number 2 and the heart becoming two hearts from the one.  It seems the symbols were representing the balance of male/female and the union of the two.
As we arrived at the dahabieh - The Nile Heaven 2 (there we have the 2 again) we both did what we needed to do and I set my little boat off into the Nile and cleansed the Egyptian Jewellery that will be available soon in the Nile and then we boarded the Nile Heaven 2 to meditate.
And, that was the beginning; the beginning to the end.  Calling you all in was easy with so many people ready to take part in this amazing process but being able to leave boat was not so easy.  I was very groggy after the meditation and in an almost drugged like state.  As I came out of the meditation I had a vision of a snow white Dove, a symbol of Peace and the return of Christ Consciousness.  Ashraf had sent a message earlier to say he was taking part in the meditation from his village and the Holy Man had also said last night he would also be taking part.  2 and 2 again - two men, two women.  I realised I needed to connect with Ashraf before I would be able to regain enough groundedness to leave the boat.  I called him to tell him I had finished, he sounded very distant also.  We left the boat, walked back to have breakfast at a little restaurant on the Nile and then returned to our apartments.  The rest of the day was spent drifing in and out of deep sleep and even in waking mode it was a very hypnotic drugged like state.  I knew I was working on a very deep level, not on myself but for the Greater Good that I had commited myself to do.  Travelling in the etheric realms between Sirius and Earth with groups of 5 and journeying beside me was Chantal from the UK who was undergoing her LUXOR Light teaching initiations, all completed on the etheric.  I was not to leave my apartment again this day, not to mingle in the village, I needed to be quiet and stay in my own space only seeing Maria who was in a similar state working her own process.  Later in the evening Ashraf came to collect us and take us to the desert to complete our process.  Again I took the list of all the people on another piece of paper with me to the desert.  Ashraf had arranged with a tomb guard for us to spend the night at a deserted post deep behind the Valley of the Kings where tourists do not visit and locals are even unaware of.  The  tombs here are very separate from the main valley and are protected and guarded every night.  We only had instructions of how to get there and driver was unsure of where to go.  We drove through the desert but our Tomb Guard had turned his phone off and we couldn't reach him.  There was nothing to be seen, only a .rubble road passing through the desert.  We found a hut but no sign of any Tomb guards and due to the danger of being in the desert since the revolution Ashraf said we must move on we couldn't stay there without the guards.  So, thinking it must be the wrong place drove on searching only to find we were driving in circles.  We were lost for about 40 minutes!  Maria said as long as we are not lost for 40 years like Moses!  Funnily enough the song that kept popping into my head was "Let My People Go".  As we left the area my body began to activate and the energy seemed to pass through me in a new way.  I knew then that something was happening and it was either that we were nearing the place we had to go or we were leaving it, but whatever it was the work was being done... If we could not be in this place we would be somewhere to complete our missions for this day.  Ashraf found us a quiet and safe spot so we could put out our blankets and have a fire to meditate and finish our purpose for this Old World.  He lit the fire and I set my piece of paper with all the names into the flames with the intentions of it setting everyone free from the bondages of old.  A strong and powerful process completed with Ashraf giving both Maria and myself healing under the stars of the Egyptian sky 50 meters behind the Valley of the Kings.  The Valley of the Kings was also known as the place of Truth... how significant for us to bring in the New Dawn under this energy.  It was now after 1am on 29th October 2011 and my commitment was then to write this blog and stay awake to see in the first Dawn of the New World.
Whatever your belief is in regards to dates of the Mayan Calendar, or the end of the world, or the star gates and alignments it does not matter.  What matters is something powerful is happening and the energies are aligning us for something new and exciting.  If you are reading this, you have been a part of it, you have been on this journey with me.  I did not forget you, you did not miss out because I covered all bases even if you did not get to me in time to register your name.  You were with me and I thank you for being on this journey with me.


  1. Thankyou for taking us with you

  2. Thank you Christina for taking me with you and setting me free and letting the light shine brighter in my world. Thank you for taking this mission on and bless you and bless Ashraf. Naeleen xx

  3. Thank you Christina...Dakujem krasne:-)


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