Friday, 28 October 2011

End of the Old World

Friday 28 October is the end of the Old World according to the Mayan Calendar, so  I have been thinking of what can I do for you to celebrate so many thousands of lost years as we enter the Great Awakening ... I decided send down Nile each name regtistered on the LUXOR Light Healing circle be written on a piece of paper and at sunrise you will be released for a final cleansing in the Nile. The day will be dedicated to you... and in the evening in the desert again your names registered on a piece of paper will be released through the element of fire and earth into the ethers to set you free, unburdened into the element of air and all four elements will be charged by the 5th element, the element of sound as I sound you into the beginning point of the New Dawn............and we will meet again in 14 days 1+4=5 -  11/11/11 fifth element, fifth world, fifth dimensional consciousness - freedom, Truth, expansion, integrity... in my heart I will meet you out there ♥
The photo shows the origami boat with all the names surrounded by Egyptian Neteru (crafted by Ashraf) that will be sent down the Nile in the morning.

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