Wednesday, 14 September 2011

There is always a back-up Plan

There is always a back-up Plan

by Christina Ritchie on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 9:37am
It is such a powerful and sometimes confusing time as we move out of the era of confusion in into the Dawn of the New - the Era of Truth, Integrity and New Light. More than ever before our thoughts and our choices are determining at ever increasing rates what our personal new worlds will be like. My recently proposed trip to the UK had to be cancelled due to the timing not being quite right. It was a hard decision to cancel but withing two days clarity has come to light. I could feel an imbalance within my body for some weeks telling me that the timing was out. Each time I thought of the UK I felt unrest brewing as it does when timing and alignments are not quite right. I stepped aside and made the decision not to go and the feeling of unrest lifted. I was being shown by my own personal circumstances that there were family responsibilities that needed to be taken care of and although not impossible to re-arrange I recognised they were placed in front of me to allow me the space to see the timing for the visit to the UK was not in sinc with other things. I changed my flights and leave 2 weeks later, not for the UK but for Greece then Israel for a personal spiritual Quest and then into Egypt for the upcoming 11.11.11 Peace Project Tour.  this morning I was given the green light for the UK for a second opportunity to take place after the Egypt Project.
LUXOR Light holds the power of the pyramids and what goes on with the activations of the pyramids goes on within the vehicle of LUXOR Light. This year and next 2011/2012 is the time that we shall see the full power return to the pyramids and now that the power of LUXOR Light has been fully birthed over the last 7 years and is ready for action just like the pyramids things are speeding up very fast. For those who are not able to visit the pyramids, they can receive the activations of the pyramids via LUXOR Light. That is why LUXOR Light came into being and all facilitators of the LUXOR Light frequency are pyramidal power generators able to activate the ascension process within others. It is an energy that asks for the strength of the carrier to stand the test of time just like the pyramids so they may become fully powered up in order to be of the Greatest benefit in the times ahead.
I now offer an ammended program to incorporate the new codes that will come through from my upcoming quest and the new codes of the pyramids - December 3 (click on the link below for more details) on in Leicester. This is a 3.3.4 day suggesting we will be infused with the energies and messages from the Ascended Masters and the Angels... perfect for the work I do and an energy that will propel you into the New.
Registration with myself at   will need to be made by September 22 for this event to take place and 50% deposits paid by return paypal request. The balance for the workshop to be paid on the day in Leicester.
Sorry no cancellation refunds, it's about commitment to the path and also to secure my coming to the UK. LUXOR Light requires commitment - why? Because it is ALL about Ascension and Ascension required commitment, dedication and standing the test of time.
Network this event and register with me personally and I will then forward your details to Jason and Chantal, but you must make contact with me personally - there is a reason for this and energetically you will very quickly find out why.
Remember my email:  and remember the LUXOR Light main website and most important remember this page!/event.php?eid=137800902979914
Is it the Divinely right time? It is all about choice, are you ready? My final decision will be on 22.09.2011 when I will book my outwardbound flights from Egypt.

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