Wednesday, 28 September 2011

2011 LUXOR Light

I'm leaving on the 3rd October for Athens on a guided Spiritual Quest to the Acropolis and the Parthenon as shown to me during meditation and then on to the Temple of Resurrection in Jerusalem, Israel before our 15 Day 11.11.11 Portal of Peace Ascension Tour in Egypt, on to the Temple of Truth in Crete and onward to the Palace of Hilarion in Cyprus.  The path is constantly changing and I am following as if on a treasure hunt and the treasure/codes will be available to all after that.  Stay tuned and as I travel I intend to post the highlights as time allows. 
Congratulations to the two new groups that have completed the full five month Ascension Programs for Self Healing and Spiritual Ascension as well as the full LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner training.  All in readiness for 2012 when LUXOR Light expands further around the globe.
Thank you all for you continued support commitment to LUXOR Light.

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