Thursday, 3 February 2011

Global Energy Report

February is very much the Womb of the year.  What is put forth and brought forth into creation during this month shapes the lives that unfold for us in the months to come.
If you break this day down you see
Look at the events of Egypt today.  The Uprising uprose to a greater degree.  What will unfold is yet to be seen but the creative force was set in power by the karmic influence of the infinite realms of possibility. There is an equal balance between Mother and Father/ Heaven and Earth so what is brought into creation holds the balance of the changes ahead.  Anyone celebrating a birthday today will find this year is one of great transition rolling fast and furious, just  as the chaotic transitions in Cairo today are propelling Egypt into a new world, you too will propel yourself forward into new worlds.
Birthday of Apep (Apophis)
Apophis was an Egyptian mythological serpent that some stories refer to as the Serpent of Chaos, or the serpent that the cat goddess Bastet fought for millions of years.
With the chaos going on in Egypt we see that the Serpent of Chaos has been set free writhing forward and seeking change.  This day holds a great energy around change brought forth by the transitional energy of the 2.  This can create a lot of fear so do be aware that your own fears may begin to rise like the serpent bringing forth chaotic situations in your own life.  Recognise it for what it is and find your place of stillness and ride the changes through a gentle transition.
Feast of Heru/Horus
This is a joyous time for celebration and recognition of the opportunity to enter new worlds. 
Horus the Son of Osiris has been likened to Jesus; the Son of God. This day, a celebration of the Ancient Neteru of Heru falls on a day governed by the 3 energy of the Christ.  In relation to the Tarot the Key 21 is the Key “The World”, offering us cosmic consciousness. 
Today is a major day in relation to Liberation.  This energy supports greatness and Freedom, daring that which one has never dared before.    There are 22 steps toward the God force and this energy holds a great power of cyclicity showing us there is no beginning and there is no end.  Holding the energy holds the essence of the Alpha and the Omega this day should not be ignored and I encourage you to make the most of this energy and try to achieve something to which you can see and feel accomplishment by the end of the day.  This is the energy of Liberation.  
A slight karmic influence working toward  Unity and expression of personal power with the ultimate goal being one of Truth, Freedom and Freedom.
On the Ancient Egyptian calendar this is the “Day of unseen in the Underworld.  The energy will support pulling forth those parts that have been buried awaiting reflection and understanding so one can go through a rebirth.
There is an element of endings here but there is also an immense amount of love available to us in this transition.  Today supports relationships and big heart openings.
Feast of Wasir (Osiris) in Abydos
Another day for celebration in conjunction with the Feast of Osiris;  The god of the dead and the god of the resurrection into eternal life.
It is possibly you will feel the testing energy that is often around the energy of the 11.  The is ultimately a karmic conclusion to the events of the day and a great amount of energy governing unconditional love being expressed and the opportunity to “listen” to messages from a higher source. 
Feast of Wasir (Osiris) in Busiris; The Doorways of the Horizon are opened
A transformational opportunity to infinite opportunities of cosmic proportions.
Month of Parmuti Begins
Click on the link to find out more about the month of Parmuti
There is a lot to be learnt through this energy and often one will find there is a huge testing period.  This simply because it is a Master vibration and through Master vibrations master accomplishments can be made. 
Geb proceeds to Busiris to see Anpu (Anubis)
A balance of Heaven and Earth bringing forth a karmic creative force driven toward the New Era and the Fifth element; this particular vibration is directed toward those who are yet to enter into the Fifth Dimension and for those who give of themselves to assist other through, this is a great day for focused meditation on what is to come. 
Completions that bring forth the womb of spiritual missions; tap into this energy to assist all toward their acceptance of the Christ Consciousness that is offered to all in these new times.
Min goes forth in festivity
Min was the Ancient Egyptian god of fertility; a great day for conceiving new ideas or seeding new creations.  The energy of the day is very much one of creative and Divine Power. 
Day of counting the parts of the Eye of Heru
Today we have an element of seeking new worlds through transitional phases of balancing lower and higher minds drawing us to a full circle completion cycle.  Counting the parts of the Eye of Heru directs us toward the sacred mathematics of the mysteries of man. 
In perfect flow on from the day before we see the Alpha and the Omega guiding us directly toward solving the mysteries of the sacred architecture of man that one must solve for oneself. This is a calm and happy period if worked in the positive with a balance of power bringing control over the emotions. 
Day of Nut
Mother of All gods – here is a nice take on Nut for you to read... click on this link
Today’s energy brings forth change, freedom and expansion.  This day is governed by the heart of the mother/goddess energy in all of us; a lot of love and nurturing around today – access it if you will.

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