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2011 Energy Reports

2011 is an All or Nothing Year!

New Light!!

This year is filled with opportunities to really branch out and achieve, achieve, achieve. Or, you could sit back and do absolutely nothing, but if you do that, at the end of the year, you are going to be so peed off with yourself that you missed such a magical opportunity to create the life you want as we enter the New Dawn.
This is the last year in this time cycle, be-cause 2012 is the First year in the new time cycle. We are moving out of the Amun stage which is the time that is hid-den, the time when we really can’t see for the life of us what is to come. Some say it’s the end of the world, well it is in some ways. But you guys reading this know the meaning of all that. It is the end of what you “knew” and we will enter into the New Era with really not a whole lot of experi-ence in how we will live this new life of awakening, where humanity opens its eyes once again and begins to live in Divine Truth and Integrity.
Of the Ancient Egyptian god Amun or Amen little is known, except that his name mean “hidden”, and we all know that Amen means “the end”. This is the time period we are leaving, and those in LUXOR Light who have opened to the Universal language of the Soul, all recognise that messages directed by the energy of Amun/Amen have come through to give direction in these closing times. Messages that guide one on to completions in readiness for the New Era of the New Dawn which is called Kephra and represented by the Scarab.
The meaning to the name Amen is “that which cannot be seen”. He does not work alone but with his female counter-part Ament, because as we know the god and the goddess cannot be separate but as one and we are naught yet if we have not integrated our masculine and feminine aspects.
2011 becomes a 13 year and in that energy we see the hid-den, the mystery and the mythology presenting itself to us giving us divine direction if we listen to the hidden and the unseen mysteriousness of our universe.
We do not see that which awaits us, but we can utilise the energies that are all around us to guide and direct us on our journey into our new lives that await as we welcome and ac-cept our new Heaven on Earth.
This year holding the energy of the 13 represents
Ascension, Resurrection, Enlightenment, Totality, Completion, Power, and Attainment…. Do you want all, or do you want none of this? Make the most this year, and welcome all the challenges that lie ahead, because with them comes all of this!

2011 Energy Reports
Learn Love First, Greatness will Surely Follow

Welcoming 2011
There is always the aspect of the 11 to consider this year as well. While most people are paying more attention to the energy of the 11, this is only minor in comparison to the 13. However, when you put the two together you can see that it may not be a year that comes particularly easy. There is bound to be tests and challenges abound-ing here because it is a double master vibration. 13 in itself is a master frequency and 11 offers us many chal-lenges of the spiritual kind. Throwing challenges at us every which way. Under Master Vibrations we are of-fered Master accomplishments if we can hold our centre and recognise what it is that we are being asked to face. 11 holds a lot of nervous energy so you may find yourself a little on edge this year. Give yourself time for medita-tion and allowing yourself to just “be”.
When you add the whole year down again it holds the lesser vibration of the 4. This is the salt of the earth and how appro-priate for the last year of this cycle. Bounda-ries are big on the agenda here and setting strong foundations. It’s a year of building, of hard work, tests, trials, challenges, rewards, greatness, and if you stay in the positive it is a year of absolute Victory and accomplishment on the Spiritual scale.
January is full of opportunities to set your intentions. Usu-ally we focus for January 1 to set our New Years resolu-tions, this year you can do it many times as we have so many ones offered to us this year. The energy of the one rules our thoughts, our intentions and powers our new beginnings.

Powerful Healing dates below:

The following dates are power dates that you may like to consider receiving healing or spending time in meditation, or having a session with me online…..
the power of the mind is at an all time high on this day and your intentions can bring together all that you set your mind to.

The twos and the ones bring forth the op-portunity to create by thought alone.

22 is always a power day—Ametron Truth workshop scheduled to begin on this day.

10.1.2011 Powered by the mind again with the mind—watch your thoughts!


11.1.11 Look at the energy here the most powerful day of the month for setting intentions and directing

19.1.2011=33 Finding your purpose

In fact why not write the whole of January as a power month!!! 2011 is a mighty and transformative year. This is the year that we can be all or we can be nothing. Collectively humanity is gearing up for the completions needed for the transition into the New Dawn the Dawn of Kephra and the entrance into a time when we can journey towards full consciousness.

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