Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Journey Begins

Climbing down to Esna Temple

Our journey up the Nile began with our first stop being an early morning visit to Esna Temple.  We meditated always on the boat first in order to prepare for the energies we are about to work with, accepting the sounds, keys and codes that are available to us for the work we are about to undertake.  The whole journey is focused towards the arrival of 10.10.10 and working with Unity consciousness and the accepting of the new energies of Truth and Integrity.  This is the new world we are entering and each in our process will begin to bring forth situations in our lives that reflect that which may be out of sinc with this ideal.  As it brings forth the situations that are either our own imbalances or those of others around us, all will be revealed and the Light is cast upon us and our lives will forever more never be the same.

This is the Temple of Khnum the creator god that was said to have created all things on a potters wheel.  He is depicted as a man with a Ram's head and is also one of the water gods and is closely associated with the annual flooding of the Nile.
Jason reconnects with his good friend Sekhmet
Sekhmet, Khnum and not sure who the other one is... if you know let me know
After wandering the outside grounds of the temple we enter the temple from the back of the building and the general plan is to wander freely before we sit for meditation.
Pillars inside Esna, like tall papyrus and lotus plants
Inscription on one of the pillars, possibly a hymn to one of the gods

Pharoah offering lotus flowers

Cathy and Kim

Sue deep in meditation
Pharoah being blessed by Thoth and Horus with the waters of eternal life represented by the Ankh.  Sekhment stands to the right.

As we were leaving the grounds of the temple I looked up and saw this bird on the top of the building.  It took my attention for a few moments as I tried to understand what it meant.  I felt it was signifying the message of taking flight, however at that moment I looked down and saw...

Esna Temple
A bird dead on the ground.  Hmmm... I knew I had to take a photo of this also as it was going to be significant in my own personal journey and the endings that were going to begin to take place.

On the walk back to the Nile Heaven II, I was drawn then to the Ibis who is always a sign of blessings and greatness and the fact that the energy of Thoth is around.  Thoth is very much a friend of mine and very significant in my work.  I took it as a sign that all is as it should be.  I had a strange feeling but could not put my finger on it.  The next couple of weeks all would be revealed.

It's time for breakfast and Kathleen and Prisco are hungry

But Sue and Cathy are still enjoying the sights
As for me I'm always on the lookout for signs.  

This trip is all about Unity Consciousness and what we can do to achieve this.  I love to see the Mosque and the Coptic Church side by side like this.

Hamdi, Abud and Samir waiting for us when we got back

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