Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Intoxicated by the Blue Lilly

Time for a swim and the Nile was so cool and refreshing, this is one of the highlights of the trip, after all how many people can say they have swam in the Nile?  We do it several times along our trip in safe clean quiet spots so we are not bothering the villagers.

Yes Narelle it is so inviting
Linda asked if she could have a Nile Activation and so the trend for the day began and for about the next two hours I was busy giving healing/activations in the Nile.... 
Linda your look so blissed out

Kathleen and Prisco happy to be cooling off, I think it was one of their highlights,
both being the first to agree to "time for a swim"
Catching everyone together, minus me busy working

I could hear a lot of noise and shannanigans going on in the background but I had no idea what they were all up to because I was totally focused on what I was doing, but I do recall thinking, my goodness it's like a bunch of teenagers and they all sound like they are drunk...........I wasn't to find out until later on when I viewed the photos............
Matt adorned with Nile weed

Cathy enjoying th esame


Jason certainly enjoying his activation.. this is the calm photo
And now he can't stay still the activation begins

Cathy blissed out

drying off in the sun, Kathleen is a sun princess

And now we see why there was so much laughter and playfulness going on.  They were intoxicated by the essence of the Blue Lilly.  It was certainly doing it's job on them.  

Noreen's turn

and last of all Matt's turn

And then Sue gave me one... soooo nice
The crew on board enjoyed their lunch while being prepared with life jackets, just in case!  The current of the Nile is very strong and so it is really important that we only swim near the shore.  

And then back on the boat to relax, set sail and wait for food... and later on a party Egyptian style on the banks of the Nile .................................

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