Monday, 1 November 2010

Time to meet the Participants

ChristinA and Ashraf leading the group.
This was ChristinA's 11th trip to Egypt.
It's time to meet the participants.  Some are here for the first time and some have returned several times to take part in either Ascension programmes or Ascension Tours.... Let's meet the group........

Cathy from Wisconsin, living in Italy - LUXOR Light healing Practitioner
Third trip with ChristinA
Radovan from Slovakia
Matt from Long Island New York
Linda  - New LUXOR Light teacher from Marangaroo, Western Australia
Second trip with ChristinA
Jason from the UK - New LUXOR Light Teacher
Third trip in one year
Noreen from Long Island New York
Kathleen from Long Island New York
Prisco from Long Island New York
Narelle, LUXOR Lighter from Swan View, Western Australia
Kim Wrightson - Teacher of LUXOR Light; Western Australia
Kim's 2nd trip to Egypt with ChristinA

Sue Smith LUXOR Light teacher from UK and ChristinA Founder/Guardian/Grand Teacher of LUXOR Light
Sue's 4th trip with ChristinA

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