Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Temple of the Sun

I arrived in Cairo on 22nd September and my only plan was to sleep in the desert and meditate at the temple of the sun.  I had all day to fill in and asked Amr to take me to Miriam's church, the one where she has been seen to appear on the roof on special occassions.

He got it all mixed up and took me to another place that actually turned out to be perfect.  Since my colour therapy studies some 15 years ago, I had always wanted to go to Old Heliopolis.  In previous trips to Cairo I had asked friends about Heliopolis and they would simply reply that this was it; Cairo was Heliopolis.  I accepted it but always felt a little ripped off and knew that one day if there was another, I would find it, or it would "come to me".  Well, leaving things up to chance is a sure way of finding your way to the right places.  We drove some 150 kilometers northeast of Cairo to a place called Al Matariyah also called  “Ein Shams” and have since found out that this was the place of old HELIOPOLIS; the town where the first Egyptian priests had lived some 2500 years before Christ was born!  Little did I know that it belongs to a more extensive district of El Cairo called AL-ZEITOUN a suburb of The Old City of Cairo.  I actually wanted to visit here as well, but you get what you get when your friends tell you whatever suits them for how they are feeling at the time.  Never mind all is perfect I realise I will be back to complete the Old City sites.

When I arrived in Cairo, I was supposed to be met at the airport by Amr and Ashraf, who was going to meet me there and do the Temple of the Sun with me.  However, when I arrived there was no Ashraf!  His mother had taken ill and while he had packed his bags etc, he said after taking his mother to the hospital he really doesn't know what happened but he simply felt he could not make the trip to Cairo.  I was stunned, but knew that all was perfect and all being Divinely orchestrated.  He had asked me to make some healing waters for his mother at the Temple of the Sun.

On arriving at Al Matrariyah, I was stunned at the beauty of the energy of this place.  This was a place that was visited by the Holy Family when Mary had been told by an angel to flee from the Holy land after the birth of the Divine Child and into the safety of Egypt.  Mary rested under the shade of the sycamore tree and still to this day it is believed that this tree holds sacred healing powers and this is the area that the Sacred Family lived while exiled in Egypt. 

Interestingly, I don't know what happened to the photos I took while visiting here, but the energy was very intense and it held a lot of emotion for me.  I was allowed to enter behind the roped off area and they placed some of the sap of the tree on my skin which began the healing process of a sun spot on my arm.

There was a small manger and when I placed my hand inside the manger I went into activation with strong emotion behind it.  I decided this was the place that I should make the healing waters as it was obviously a place of Sacred and Divine Energies.  Under the shade of the sycamore tree they placed a chair for me so I could meditate.  The healing codes poured forth as I worked to encode the waters for healing.

When we left and were driving back to Amr's home at the pyramids, Ashraf rang me to apologise for not being able to make it.  He said he had good news, and that Fatima, his mother, had taken a sleep in the afternoon and when she woke she told him she had seen me in a church or something, and that now she felt well.  I asked him what time this took place and it was the very same time that I was making the waters for healing and I had Fatima on my mind.  It was not a church but it is a holy place and of course with so many images of Mary and Jesus one could assume I was in a Church if they had a vision.

I was happy, feeling calm and centred and very warm at having visited such a beautiful and sacred place.

This was the first of many special occasions on this trip..........

Later that evening, we left to sleep in the desert and to meditate at the Temple of the Sun, at Abu Gurab.  I was tired I hadn't slept for two days and it had been a 35 hour journey to arrive in Cairo.  Normally Amr would have music and dancing in the desert while having dinner, but I wanted quiet, to enjoy the stars and listen to the sounds of the desert.  I fell asleep even with the hum and nibble of the mosquitoes.  

Visions came thick and fast; visions of Osiris and some other King that Amr said was the King Userkaf of the pyramid I could see in the distance at Abusir.

3am came and Amr woke me to walk up to the Temple of the Sun to meditate at the time he says is when God opens the doors to the Paradise and all is quiet and one can meet and commune with God.

I meditated until 6:30am as the sun came up.  The experience was amazing, it was like time stood still and 3 hours of meditation passed as if 5 minutes.  The activations were strong and my body was abuzz and alive.  The visions were strong and mostly of Osiris, Isis and Horus but wearing the crown of Osiris. The energy stayed with me all day and I felt totally revitalised. I used the opportunity to make some more Alchemy Waters to harness this most powerful energy.  

I'd had had 6 months of intense stress and this was the perfect revitaliser and I found that the rest of the month in Egypt, I was completely recovered from any fatigue and weakness. 

I wandered the grounds of the old temple and sat in the sacrificial alabaster basins where they used to sacrifice the cows as offerings to the gods.

It was time to head on to our next leg of the journey, to shower and take a day trip to Fayoum Oasis and then catch a flight to Luxor later that evening.

Thanks Amr!
Stay tuned for the next leg of the journey!

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