Thursday, 28 October 2010


My plane was delayed 3 hours and after a long wait at Cairo airport I finally arrrived in Luxor at 4:30am.  I was tired, as I had really not slept properly for days.  I'd been travelling for 5 days really with having to drive 5 hours to take Taylor to Mum and Dads to stay while I was away and then the 5 hours back to Perth to fly to Cairo and sleeping for just a couple of hours in the desert before my Temple of the Sun meditation, all day at Fayoum and now finally I have arrived in Luxor, my home!  Ashraf had picked me up from the airport and I did get a couple of hours sleep before Kim, Linda and Narelle arrived, but I really was not functioning very well.  Abdul was renovating one of the apartments and had left the arrangements of the final sorting and preparations of the apartments until I arrived so I could supervise the workers.  Luckily Ashraf was fresh and on deck because I was really not that together.  The girls arrived and we were still sorting out the apartments, we had a blackout and the power was off - no airconditioning working and the heat was in the late 40's.  The went down like flies with heat exhaustion....oops time to send Sue a message not to bring Niamh, the heat would be way too much for a baby! 
Early morning meditations on my balcony were what kept me going I think, the peace and tranquility of Luxor early morning looking over the Luxor temple.  And what I had not noticed before but was staring me in the face this time was the balcony railings were in the design of the lotus!  Of course this was the theme of this trip!!!  Each time I come it is something different that takes my attention, and it appears to be the lotus this trip that caught my eye most of the time.
The girls prettying up... Kim, Linda, Narelle and Sue
The next few days were filled in getting the apartments ready and waiting for all the group to arrive.  We celebrated Ashraf's birthday at Abdul's villa with Samir's delicious cooking and a birthday cake for Ashraf.
What is a birthday without a LUXOR Light cake?

Ashraf was chuffed with his Australian boxers and Australian thongs from Kim and Linda
Birthdays are not normally celebrated in Ashraf's family and this is only his 2nd ever birthday celebration, only happening when we are in town.
Sue Smith, Myself and Ashraf, Linda, Jason and Narelle

Everyone's reasonably happy today and handling the heat at last (somewhat)
Narelle looks comfy propped in front of the fan!

Ashaf's cousin Ahmed, Narelle, Linda finding the cool spots

Sue Smith and Kim Wrightson... something was funny

It would soon be time to board the dahabieh the "Nile Heaven II" and start our journey up the Nile. 
Nile Heaven II

We had a surprise visit from The Holy Man which we were not expecting.  He came on board especially to meditate with us.  I didn't have my camera handy and really did not want to rush off to get it for this occasion as I was far more interested in being in his company than taking photos of him.  We meditated with him and then each of the group got to ask him a question and Ashraf and Abdul interpreted for each.  This was certainly a blessing for all of us and one I do hope the group do not forget.

Luckily Linda had her camera handy

It was a late arrival for our American friends on the evening of the 28th September but some of us waited up on deck to meet our new friends before we set sail early morning for Esna

Finally we set sail

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