Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fayoum Miracle

The next part of the journey was a day trip to Fayoum Oasis.  Fayoum is not a true Oasis is situated south of Cairo and the name Fayoum comes from the Coptic word Phiom or Payomj which means lake or sea.  It was actually a sea in ancient times.  Today it is well known for finds of ancient whales. 
Aparently pre-history more people lived at the Fayoum than in the Nile Valley because there was an abundance of water and it was a very lush and fertile area.  Around 4000 BC, the climate of the Fayoum began to dry up and people began to move closer to the Nile and the Nile Valley became a more popular place to reside.  The Fayoum became more of a hunting and fishing paradise and they also mined salts, limestone and chert.

I had been told that the Fayoum was the boarder between Upper and Lower Egypt, and for this reason I wanted to visit to make the Alchemy Waters of the combined Papyrus and Lotus, representing Unity Consciousness.  Papyrus is the emblem for Lower Egypt, while the Lotus is the emblem for Upper Egypt.  

I was absolutely amazed as we drove south of Cairo and all of a sudden there was this amazing sea in the middle of the desert!

I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was true enough.  The energy of the place was amazing, it really had the feel of a seaside town. 
The story goes that Diodorus tells us, that King Menes, the uniter of Upper and Lower Egypt, went on a hunting trip and almost lost his life when his own dogs attacked him near the lake. However, this legend records that his life was saved by a crocodile which carried him across the water to safety. As a reward, he declared the lake a sanctuary for crocodiles and founded the city of Shedet, known to the Greeks as Crocodilopolis but today called Kiman Faris. His city became the cult center of the crocodile god Sobek, Though the Fayoum was identified with Nun, the primeval ocean, the origin of all life in ancient mythology, Sobek remained the chief deity of the region throughout dynastic and Greek times and into the Roman era. All the known temples were dedicated, or at least co-dedicated, to one or another of his aspects. A sacred crocodile kept at the main temple at Crocodilopolis was seen and described by both Herodotus and Strabo.  But this was not the history that was interesting me, because at this time I really did not know any of this.  There is also a pyramid built by Herodotus, and an obleisk built by he successor,, Senusret, but again I didn't get to see these as my guides for the day didn't quite get that I wanted to make the most of my visit and also because we actually got bogged in the desert when we made our way to the waterfalls.  It wasn't really an issue for me to miss some things because I was unprepared for where I was going anyway and I was so amazed at what I did see that all else was irrelevant for this time.  

As we drove on passed the township and into the desert I didn't know where we were going, and assumed we were heading for the pyramid.  Then all of a sudden we started to head in the direction of this desert sea again.  The road we were following was only marked out by stones on either side to show this difference between the road and the desert.
There is also a camp where you can stay, but this was not to be for me this time.  I didn't really know what to expect, so to see the waterfall was once again an absolute joy.  Again I don't know what happened to my photos of the waterfall, so have found something on the net to show you.  When we arrived there were young Egyptians sitting fully clothed in the waters enjoying the coolness and the healing qualities that are said to be there. The waters are said to hold mineral salts that offer cure for psoriasis and other skin conditions.  I didn't swim but did wash my face in it and it certainly made a difference... 

I stood between two springs meeting in a fork and made the Alchemy Waters from Fayoum, to bring Unity Consciousness and to hold the essence of the Papyrus of Lower Egypt and the Lotus of Upper Egypt, not to mention the healing powers of the waters themselves.

I had asked Amr where the water came from, meaning where did it travel from.  He replied it came right from here, and Moses stuck in his staff and up sprang the waters.  I tried to research that but found other areas for that story, but who knows, maybe it is true......

I feel a tour to Fayoum coming on when the time is right..
Though certainly not large, but world standards, the waterfalls at Wadi el Rayan or some of the only ones in Egypt, and certainly the largest
The driver needed a rest and then we headed back to Fayoum township for lunch at a delicious fish restaurant....yumm check this out - just a small piece of fish.....  I don't think I have had such delights before, it was absolutely divine.  
After lunch the driver was tired and lay his weary head down on one of the spare tables, so I gave him a healing... that knocked him out and so Amr wanted to experience one.  I gave him one and he too needed to sleep.  As we were leaving the restaurant the owner asked me if I would come back and give him healing next time, so I offered to do it now for him.  He quickly agreed and pulled some tables out so he could lay on the table and receive LUXOR Light.  He was unable to get up when it was time to leave and very appreciatively nodded thankyou and closed his eyes and drifted off as we left for Cairo so I could catch the plane to Luxor.

I had left my bag behind at Amr's home so we needed to go back to collect that before heading to the airport.  It gave me a chance to have a shower and cup of tea which turned out to be a blessing because my flight was delayed 6 hours... typical Cairo!  Anyway a cup of tea with Amr and his mum and one last look at the pyramids from his roof which is literally in his back yard!

Goodbye Giza, I'm off to Luxor

This is the view of Giza Pyramid from Amr's rooftop

and there's always the kids....

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