Sunday, 17 October 2010

Absolute Clarity


Home from Egypt and time to get the ball rolling again.  I will be holding the first meditation evening on Friday 22 in order to capture the double energies of the 22 and the 44.  This powerful combination will set the order of the day toward daring to step up and into the powerful Mastery combination of Greatness and Higher Mind.

Any karmic influences that have seen their time on the wheel of renewal can be drawn forth for clarity of purpose and Divine understanding.  A sense of completion through forgiveness, loving compassion and openness.  Opening the Higher Heart and perceiving the ultimate and Divine in  All.............

10.10.10 has set the world ablaze with the essence of Divine Truth and any hidden agendas being brought to the fore.  We must all step up on the ladder of consciousness and take our rightful place as our Divine and Authentic selves.  This is not always easy as the Mighty Truth stares us in the face.  What do we do with it, how do we deal with it, where do we go from here?

See you on Friday, to welcome the Sacred Sounds of Divine Truth.  This Evening is open to Everyone.

Registration by return Email is a must... limited places available

Investment $33

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*Also available for Sale on the evening the latest Alchemy Waters birthed in Egypt

Temple of the Sun - Anchoring the Divine Feminine Isis uniting with Osiris

Fayoum - Papyrus and Egyptian Lotus - Uniting the Two Worlds - Unity Consciousness

Nile - The Blue Lilly - Awakening to Shamanic Experience, Aphrodisiac, enhances memory including past life, brings a sense of euphoria

Each $33 per bottle - Pre Orders preferred

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