Tuesday, 21 September 2010

United We Are

Well here I am spending a 17 hour stopover in Singapore.... I guess I need the chill time!  Only two slots left for healing in Egypt though, they always go quick....

We have room for whoever the lucky last person is to be on board the dahabieh with us but you better be quick we sail on the 29th

Preparations for creating the New World, Our New World of Unity and Harmony globally intensifies from the 10th October 2010.  The energy of the day becomes a 32/5 the energy of Victory where our intentions towards a better world begins to show us that we are reaching our goals.  In many sacred places around the world Light Workers will come together to celebrate and to receive the Light and initiations available to us on this most momentous day as we pass through the bridge between worlds and into our Truth stepping forward into our New World of Truth and Integrity.  We have all met and passed through many tests and challenges and many of those challenges/initiations/tests have been brought to light this year and we have had to stand the test of being totally in our own Authentic Truth and welcome the clearings as unpleasant as many may have been.

This day, 10.10.10 stands to show to us that we as a Global Nation have earned the right to establish harmonious relationships with ourselves, our colleagues, our nations, our planet and our universal and cosmic brothers and sisters.  Through hard work and discipline we have met each and every challenge and the rewards are beginning to show themselves.  We have reached that point of balance and are achieving our moment of Ascension into the New Era of Peace, Truth and Integrity and earning the right to step into the Fifth World holding a fifth dimensional state of consciousness on a grand scale.

Through chaos, confusion and struggle we are arriving and many have already arrived, but we must for the Greater Good/God continue to strive for the benefit of humanity and for the greater good of others.  The time is here and while the pressure has been building we are now settling and about to join hands with all of the planet in celebration of the receipt of the Power of Truth through Unity.

Join with us as our group gathers in representation of LUXOR Light at Dendera - Egypt, at 10:00 am on 10 October 2010 to meditate on anchoring Global Unity.  We will activate the sounds that will ripple through the universe carrying the Blessings of our Ultimate Reunion with the One, in Peace and Harmony with the Harmonics of Sound, the Akasha and the Fifth Element.

Through new guidance I am offering preparative  and post (after) 10.10.10 healing in Egypt by either Distant Healing with full Soul Energetic Report or for those who are in Egypt, hands on healing incorporating the Fifth Element of the Sounds of Light and the messages from the Masters and the Arch Angels.

Investment $100 payable through paypal or bank transfer.

If you are not having healing check in on the energies of the day and give yourself time for meditation.....

10.10.10 Preparative on location Healing and Distant Healing available in Egypt on the following dates: 

24.9.2010=45/9 this day is prior to the work beginning and is a perfect day for releasing all energy around disappointment clearing the way in preparation for the 10.10.10 - this healing will take place in Luxor, opposite Luxor Temple.

26.9.2010=47/11 the perfect day to work towards healing any "trickery" energy that misguides us on our path - this healing will take place in Luxor 

27.9.2010=48/3 (9.9.3) Pushing forth the stubborn blocks that are hindering the path and causing stagnation clearing the channels for accepting Higher Consciousness - this healing will take place in Luxor, opposite Luxor Temple

28.9.2010=49/13 Working on bringing forth the balance and awakening the Inner harmony, inner harmony, contentment and tranquility and showing appreciation of the Higher Powers and feeling at one with the Universe. Readying to accept the Infinite blessings.  This healing will take place in Luxor, opposite Luxor Temple.

29.9.2010=50/5  Preparation for 10.10.10 releasing and the final test/initiations for the Big Day.  This is a day to stay totally positive and bless all that is being released on behalf of the spiritual changes that are being established.  This is a joyous occasion that should be held in gratitude for all that has been given to you in the way of spiritual atunements.  Be grateful, and enjoy the bliss of an empty vessel ready to be filled to the brim with new lighter energy so you can radiate it outward to others. This healing will take place on the Nile and accessing the energies of the creator god Khumn helping to bring forth those pro-creative energies that enliven and bring excitement and lifeforce.  

01.10.2010=23/5 perfect reflection for 10.10.10 -  the numbers here reflect the day of 10.10.10 and suggest rising levels of confidence and positive energies hinting towards the surmounting of obstacles that may have previously held us back.  The healing will take place at Gebel Silsila allowing one to honour the sacrifices one has made to arrive at this fertile place on the Path to Enlightenment.  This healing will take place on the Nile in Aswan and access the energies of Elephantine Island and feeling humble at the enormity of all the taxing experiences that have brought you this far.  

02.10.2010=24/6 the energy flowing will be strong, direct and powerful. Engage with all your might! You'll be very pleased with the results you obtain. (Feast of the whole Host of the Heavenly Angels)

03.10.2010=25/7 (3.10.3) A day of resolution and openness towards spiritual/inner guidance.  The energy shifts quickly today leaving you free to move forward on your Souls path.  Pay attention to the signs around you; in nature, numbers, or whatever appears to be jumping out at you.. this is a great day full of clues and ideas not apparent to you previously.  This healing will take place in Aswan and access the energies of the Monastery of St Simeon  bringing you an element of "rest and retreat, transformation and miracles.

Post 10.10.10

12.10.2010=34/7 This is a huge burst of energy bringing forth rapid and clear communication.  All confusion and misunderstandings are now dissolved and all obstacles are swept away from your path.  Complete transformation is now yours.  Divine and direct instruction is now yours infusing your with the energies of the cosmos bringing forth a new level of understanding and spiritual expansion.  The energies of this day will assist you to move into a successful phase promising great success.  This is an amazing healing vibration that only needs to be harnessed and utilised for your benefit and you will access great clarity

15.10.2010=37/10  Shaping our desires into reality, this energy will support us with creating exactly what we are thinking about, so be careful and watchful of your thoughts and bring all your desires, be they of material, emotional or spiritual into reality.

Please contact me as soon as possible to secure your healing - I leave for Egypt Monday evening 20 September (tomorrow)

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