Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Journey Unfolds

Yesterday's work with Ametron Truth has awakened some deeper connections and sending me in directions that I was unaware I had to go.  While I knew I would be making Alchemy Waters on my visit to the Temple of the Sun on 22nd September with Ashraf and Amro, I thought I would be making the Papyrus/Lily but something felt not quite right.  Today I received clarity that I will be making Osiris and Isis waters at Temple of the Sun.  The Temple of the Sun is basically of masculine energy and last week I was directed with instruction of what I am to do at Temple of the Sun something that has not been done before and one of the reasons I was to go there.  I brushed it aside really but since have had confirmation on some of the other things that came through and so am now reconsidering the reality of what I was told, given Melita told me that the Temple of the Sun is all to do with my waters and many bottles of water with intention in them from me.  So therefor I feel there will be possibly other waters birthed there or at least that the experience that I am about to undergo will give me direction in relation to My work with the Alchemy Waters.

I had thought I was to make papyrus/lily there but something did not quite feel right and after Ashraf booked our airfares on the wrong day and I realised that those tickets would now simply be wasted (well they won't be because I will find someone to gift them to), I felt I needed to be travelling by train again and then today I found that I actually need to travel to Fayoum Oasis about an hour and half outside of Cairo because this is the place that is called the boarder of the two lands of Upper and Lower Egypt and where the papyrus grew prolifically. This is the perfect place for me to birth the papyrus/lily alchemy waters to bring forth the energy of the emergence of the union of the two worlds.  I feel the excitement and am really looking forward this part of the journey now.  

During yesterdays sounds of light workshop I had some very strong visions in relation to two participants but one of those visions very clearly showed the mark of George the Dragon and some very beautiful monasteries.  

Today we welcomed a new participant on our journey into Egypt which brings us to 11 participants on the dahabieh and 13 including Ashraf and myself.  We will flow on to 10.10.10 with 7 participants or 9 including Ashraf and myself... I have a feeling there is one more participant who has not yet appeared!!  It will make 10 participants in all on the 10.10.10 day.  Welcome to Radovan!!! Wonderful to meet you!!  I wonder who the 12th participant will be.... of course if there are 14 of us it makes it even more significant because the work is all about the 5 and 14 is 1+4=5.  10.10.2010=32/5, which leads me on to another significant process that happened for me today... but that is another story............

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  1. I was laying in the hammock reading over LUXOR Light papers and thinking about this journey and also the Temple of the Sun. You had written about something that happened at Cairo with Amro on your last trip, but didn't explain it. Then I came in to find a message from you and one from Amro.
    And I believe this Fayoun Oasis was in my very favorite book "The Alchemist." I can feel synchronicities clicking here. I am looking forward to learning more during our two weeks together !


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