Friday, 13 August 2010

Transformation and Freedom

My apologies for not having the Energy Report for you today.  This week has been emotionally wobbly all week since last Saturday.  I'm heading today to the Divorce court to end 32 years of my life.  I would have thought I had dealt with everything but it seems that energetically I am trying to find a centre point and it matters not what comes my way but a burst of tears comes flooding through.  I have no regrets at divorcing but it has taken me 9 years of separation to get around to it.  It's not like I'm going for any settlements or anything but I am shaky, emotional and basically don't get in my way!!  Needless to say it's been difficult to get things completed, but so many things are making so much sense.  The Ametron Truth work is fitting perfectly into the picture and it seems I have not enough time in the day to do the writing that comes with the power of these energetic changes.

Today is the 13th and so be aware of the transformations that will take place.  Be aware of the endings the completions at the highest level and be aware that your emotions may run high.  This is a very mystical day where things are happening behind the veil but you are feeling them right here right now. The energy of the complete day is a 33 so these transformations are definitely to do with your missions, your purpose, your total obedience to follow the Divine.  I'm in a 333 year, LUXOR Light is in a 333 year so all these 33 days this year for us working the energy or if your birthday is the 3.3 or maybe even 12.3 or 3.12 or 21.3 you may be feeling a wee bit under the pump and the world may feel like it is coming down around you.  Well guess what it is.  We are right there right at the end times we are pre-creation once again sinking deep into the abyss, the primeval waters of nothingness awaiting the re-birth, the renewal and new life.

Sure am!!!

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